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ATHE Conference Grant Frequently Asked Questions
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Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

All grant applications for the next year’s conference must be received by ATHE by November 1,
2019. All grant applications are filled out through ATHE’s grant application Google Form.

Grants are awarded by ATHE in these categories:

One-Day Conference Guest Passes
- awarded for special guest attending one session or for local actors attending one session. Passes are not granted to ATHE members.

Debut Panel Grants
- awarded to debut panel participants. Annual award is typically $100/panelist, up to $500 for one session. For more information on Focus Group Sponsored Debut Panels, click here.

Pre-Conference Grants
Those focus groups interested in participating in a pre-conference can apply for a grant for up to $500. These grants are intended for items such as LCD projector package, other audio/visual requests (such as speakers or flip-charts). Food and beverage for a pre-conference is not a part of the granting process.

Additional A/V Requests
- award for items that cost significant fees, including a LCD projector package, or other item necessary to a session presentation. Food and beverage for a session is not a part of the granting process.

What do I need to prepare for the grant application?

Access the application form. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Session Title (as used on your proposal form) or Pre-Conference Event Name
  • Focus Group Sponsor(s)
  • Main Contact Info
  • Type of Grant request (Debut Panel, A/V, Pre-conference, etc)
  • Rationale paragraph, detailing how the grant will be used to enhance your sessions or pre-conference event. (see criteria below)

How do I apply?
All grant proposals must have a corresponding application for a session, debut panel, or pre-conference event. Grant applications are available either as a separate Google Form OR part of the larger session proposal or pre-conference event proposal form process.

Can I apply on behalf of my focus group?

Focus groups may apply singly, or together with one or more groups (for example, in the case of a pre-conference event sponsored by more than one FG). The overall number of grants awarded to each FG will be a factor in awarding funding; however, focus groups may submit multiple requests across grant types.

What do you look for in a grant application?
Grant rationale will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Is the proposal clear, detailed, and complete?
  • Does the proposal provide a compelling rationale for the value of the event, guest, or supported activity to a broader ATHE conference community?
  • Does the proposal reflect priorities of ATHE’s mission and strategic plan?
  • Does the proposal have the ability to support a community or constituency historically underrepresented at ATHE, and /or to attract new members?

Who reviews the grant applications?
The grant proposal vetting process is overseen by the VP for Conference, with grant decisions conveyed and disbursement details handled by ATHE staff. If you have questions about the grant application process, contact the VP for Conference, CarlosAlexis Cruz, at

Are all applications accepted?
We make every effort to award grants within the limit, but awards are not automatic, and when they are offered, they can be granted wholly or partially, depending on available funds and other factors. Grant awardees are notified by March 30, 2020.

I’m a graduate student. I heard ATHE provides fellowships to reduce the cost of the conference registration?
Graduate Student fellowships, which offer discounts on conference registration fees, may be applied for on a first come, first serve basis once the online conference registration opens in late spring. Graduate students must register for the conference, and then apply for a fellowship. The customary award is a rebate of $100 on registration fees once the conference is completed. The application will be available separately on ATHE’s website.

What if I don’t know on November 1 who will qualify for a grant?

For example, Focus Group Debut Panels sometimes award small stipends to the winners. Request the amount of money up to $500 that you hope to disburse at the conference. Once the winners of the competition, such as the FG Debut Panels, have been selected, those names will need to be forwarded to the ATHE office by April 1 so that checks can be prepared prior to the conference, and program information completed. If an award is made, but the awardee does not present, the awardee will not be given the check.

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