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Applications for ATHE Leadership Institute® open until May 25th!

What Is the ATHE Leadership Institute®?

The ATHE Leadership Institute® provides professional development opportunities for faculty members to prepare for leadership roles in higher education and serve more effectively. Since 2000, more than 200 faculty members have participated in the workshops and mentoring. Presenters include national leaders in higher education as well as experienced chairs, deans, and other executives who volunteer their time and expertise to mentor faculty.

What Does it Offer?

The Leadership Institute® is an invaluable opportunity for exchange with peers from other institutions for sharing of ideas, best practices, and partnerships, but the core of its value comes from the mentorship relationship.

To learn more or apply click HERE

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Publishers, theatre organizations, colleges and universities,

Consider all the ways you can have a strong visible presence at the 2018 ATHE Annual Conference in Boston. Take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word about your institution or business -- not only to ATHE, but to all of our organizational partners and members representing hundreds of institutions of higher learning. 

Multiple levels of sponsorship, advertising and exhibit opportunities are available: note the registration deadline for advertisements is June 4.  This is also the dateby which you can receive a special rate on exhibit booths and sponsorships.  We will accept exhibit booth registrations and sponsorship forms until June 27.  We will be able to accommodate exhibits and sponsorships following this date and up until July 20 but please note that this will be past the publication date of the printed onsite program where will list exhibitors and carry ads.

The Annual ATHE Conference brings-together a global community of educators, artists, and administrators over five days of workshops, panel presentations, plenary sessions, social events, and performances. Reserve a space to promote your published material, educational programs, and services to this broad audience of theatre educators, artists, and university administrators today! 

  • ATHE members represent 900+ international colleges and universities
  • ATHE’s paid membership exceeds 1,100 members (as of Dec. 2017)
  • Nearly 2,400 ATHE members and allies subscribe to ATHE discussions via social media
  • An estimated 800 educators and artists will attend ATHE 2018

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Colleagues, please share this CFP for the ATHE Directing Program Debut Panel:

The Directing Program (DP) is searching for submissions for our Debut Panel at the 2018 ATHE Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. We encourage applicants to submit exercises, demonstrations, and/or traditional papers as scholarship. The chosen presenter(s) for the 2018 DP Debut Panel will receive a monetary award to offset the cost of conference attendance.  

Additionally, we are currently developing a one-on-one mentorship program to take place during the summer, in preparation for the conference panel. 

Faculty, graduate students and other teaching directors in higher education who have not yet presented at an ATHE conference are eligible to participate in the DebutPanel. Two or three presentations (of no more than 20 minutes each) will be selected through a rigorous juried review process. Time will be allotted for discussion and feedback.  

Please email a one-page description of your directing exercise (with goals and expected outcomes, procedures, materials and space requirements) and/or your completed paper (8-10 pages) to DP Graduate Student Representatives Niki Tulk (, Joelle Arp-Dunham ( and DP Conference Planner Kathleen M. McGeever ( by May 1, 2018.  

Proposals should be sent as a Word document or PDF file attachment. Please email Niki Tulk, Joelle Arp-Dunham and Kathleen M. McGeever directly; do not submit through the ATHE website. 

We will notify those chosen to participate by mid-May 2018. Please note: you must register for the conference (day or full) to accept the award and serve on the panel.  

If you have questions, feel free to contact Niki Tulk, Joelle Arp-Dunham or Kathleen M. McGeever.   

Please share this call for proposals with any graduate students, new faculty, and emerging scholar-directors who might want to get involved with ATHE. Thank you!  

Emily A. Rollie, PhD
Freelance Theatre Director
Assistant Professor of Theatre - Central Washington University 


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Each year, VASTA presents the Vocal Excellence Awards to students participating in the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarships, part of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF).  The Vocal Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding vocal work in students across the United States. At the national festival held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., a VASTA Award Master Class is held for all the finalists in the Irene Ryan competition. VASTA recent board member Kim Bey conducted the master class in voice for all the finalists. This is the second year Kim has presented the class and she thoroughly enjoys working with the talented students. The student selected for the Vocal Excellence Award receives a certificate and a $500 cash award.  The candidate selected this year was Chase Bradshaw. He has been a student of Rena Cook, a major force in VASTA over the years.  

There are new grants and scholarships this year for VASTA members:

Member Sponsored Appreciation Award which pays for the annual VASTA Conference registration fee. To receive this award, you must be an active VASTA member for 3 + years by the time of the conference they wish to attend (note: the years do not need to be consecutive). Active Member is defined as someone who has contributed on an annual basis to VASTA in some way. (i.e. committees, service, past conference workshop/panel presentations) 

VASTA High School Teacher Award - Each year, VASTA offers a conference scholarship to help one or two high school (or middle school/junior high) drama teachers who are interested in learning more about voice and speech. The scholarship includes a VASTA conference fee waiver and a scholarship amount to be applied toward travel expenses. The amount of scholarship will depend on how many applicants are chosen in a given year.  Deadline:  June 30, 2018
For more information, about VASTA or these awards please visit our website at

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2018 Conference Upcoming Important Dates

May 15, 2018 Materials due to your Focus Group Conference Planner:
  • Finalized session description for the printed program (no more than 30 words)
  • Finalized session title
  • Finalized listing of session participants, paper titles, and institutions for the printed program
June 15, 2018 Early Bird Registration ends
June 15, 2018 Conference Registration required for all presenters


Ann Shanahan
Associate Professor of Theatre
Loyola University Chicago

Co-editor, SDC Journal Peer-Reviewed Section
Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)

Vice President for Conference 2018
Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)


[Photography credit (top to bottom) Kyle Klein, reprinted with permission from; Nicolas Woolf, reprinted with license CC 2.0 from; GBCVB, reprinted with permission from]

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As we face increasing costs alongside often fixed or declining University budgets and changes in academic hiring practices, we are looking to diversify and expand our offering around exhibit space, sponsorship, and advertising. To do this and to help ensure that the conference remains affordable for all who want to participate, we’ve sought to expand the possibilities for sponsorship, ranging from wi-fi, videography, and A/V in the venue to supporting attendance from graduate students and historically underrepresented populations to sponsoring particular events, such as the Chairs and Deans’ Forum or GSSC Social. You can see and download the full brochure here. This year in Boston, we’re expecting attendance of approximately 800 people, with over 2000 following the conference through social media, and digital/online discussions.

We’re also open to other new and different sponsorship possibilities, and happy to discuss these with members and potential sponsors/exhibitors/advertisers. As we develop these opportunities, we’d like to ask you for your assistance. Do you know an individual or an organization that might be interested in reaching our membership? Can you present the brochure to your employer(s) and your alma mater, as well as passing it along to appropriate contacts you might have at corporate and charitable organizations.

Is there a particular product or service you’ve found useful in your program or department that you think could benefit others within the ATHE community? Can you help us by reaching out to them and/or putting us in touch with them to help us build those relationships?

President-elect Josh Abrams leads ATHE’s sponsorship, helping to allow continuity and enabling us to begin to focus on building longer-term relationships. If you’d like to discuss or assist with any of this, please contact Josh at


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From Dr. Charles Grimes, Book Review Editor, METHODS

Senior Editor of METHODS is Professor Ruis Woertendyke, Pace University

Following is a list of books selected for possible review in volume 3 of METHODS: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy, to be published in 2017 by Pace University Press. If you would like to review another title, please email me ( If you would like to review two of the books below that are on the same subject, that could be worked out. And please share this list if you know of a colleague who may be interested in reviewing a book.

I have a copy of each of the books below, ready to send out to any reviewer:
Purdy, Stephen. Musical Theatre Song: A Comprehensive Course in Selection, Preparation, and Presentation for the Modern Performer. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama,2016. 978-1-4725-6656-0.
Clifton, Alex. The Actor’s Workbook: A Practical Guide to Training, Rehearsing, and Devising + Video. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2016. 978-1-4725-3004
Soto-Morettini, Donna. Mastering the Shakespeare Audition: A Quick Guide to Performance Success, Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2016, 978-1-4742-6685-7
Brody, Jane Drake. The Actor’s Business Plan: A Career Guide for the Acting Life. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2015. 9781472573698.
Hunter, Kelly. Cracking Shakespeare: A Hands-On Guide for Actors and Directors + Video. Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2015. 9781472532831.
Ewen, Vanessa and Debbie Green. Actor Movement: Expression of the Physical Being.  Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2015. 9781408134412.
Kelly, Baron.  An Actor’s Task. Hackett Publishing, 2015. 9781585103782. 
Brennan, Amanda. The Energetic Performer: An Integrated Approach to Acting for Stage and Screen. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016. 978-1848190979.
Wilkie, Ian.  Performing in Comedy: A Student’s Guide.  Routledge, 2016. 9781138913882.
Sharp, David Maurice.  The Thriving Artist: Saving and Investing for Performers, Artists, and the Stage & Film Industries. Routledge, 2015. 9781138809178.
Olsen, Christopher.   Acting Comedy.  Routledge, 2015. 9781138891418.
Cohen, Lola. The Method Acting Exercises Handbook.  Routledge, 2016. 9780415750059.

These are additional possibilities for review: Again, please email me at if you have other suggestions.
Zinn, Jeff. The Existential Actor: Life and Death Onstage and Off. Smith and Kraus, 2015.  9781575259000.
Ley, Graham. Acting Greek Tragedy. University of Exeter Press, 2015. 9780859898935.
Morris, Eric. Acting, Imaging, and the Unconscious. Ermor Enterprises, 2015. 9780962970948.
Hafler, Max.  Teaching Voice: Workshops for Young Performers.  Nick Hern Books, 2016.  


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ATHE's Playwrights Program (PACT—Playwrights and Creative Teams) is seeking actors, directors, dramaturgs, and designers to work with the twenty-ninth annual New Play Development Workshop/Showcase and annual ATHE Excellence in Playwriting Award Reading events at the ATHE Conference in Boston, August 1-5, 2018.

EVENT #1--NEW PLAY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP: Directors, dramaturgs, designers, and actors are invited to submit applications to work with one of the eight 10-minute scripts selected for the New Play Development event. Each playwright will be assigned a director, a dramaturg, a designer (who will function as a scenographer during the development process) and a group of actors; these creative teams will work on the scripts throughout the four-day conference for an average of two to three hours per day (attendance at the rest of the ATHE conference is possible and encouraged). The Workshop will culminate in a public, script-in-hand reading of the plays in a SHOWCASE OF SCRIPTS.

EVENT #2 – The annual ATHE EXCELLENCE IN PLAYWRITING AWARD DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP AND SHOWCASE READING: a full length ATHE Excellence in Playwriting winner will also have a script-in-hand showcase performance of the play presented during the conference week.

These New Play Events afford playwrights, actors, directors and dramaturgs, and designers the opportunity to work with artists from all over the United States and Canada who are experienced in dealing with original material and to have their work presented at the conference.

Applicants should send letters of application and a brief resume which indicates, in particular, the applicant's experience with original scripts. (Actors include a photo.) The letter of application should also include mailing address and telephone/e-mail numbers for now and for the summer, should that be different from your current information.


We are now developing the creative teams for the selected plays.

Applications should be sent to Judith Royer, 7847 Flight Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045. Phone, (310) 670-0362,


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August 1-5, 2018


One Actor needed for the ATHE EXCELLENCE IN PLAYWRTING AWARD/SHOWCASE (full-length winner of the EPA award workshop and all-conference development workshop/showcase performance)

  • 1 FEMALE – AGE RANGE, TEEN-20’S-30’S, Mid-Eastern/South Asian. Some knowledge of Arabic would be great but not essential.

Dramaturgs and actors needed for the NEW PLAY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP/SHOWCASE (eight short plays, development and script-in-hand showcase performance)

Several Dramaturgs and still needed.

Actors needed for roles listed below:

  • 1 MALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S,  successful banker, any ethnicity.
  • 1 MALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, environmental activist, slight build, nervous, hipster look, any ethnicity.
  • 1 MALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, environmental activist, big, sloppy look, any ethnicity.
  • 1 MALE – AGE RANGE, TEEN, about to graduate, genuinely likable, somewhat impulsive, coming of age story, any ethnicity.
  • 1 MALE – AGE RANGE, TEEN, about to graduate, intelligent, seemingly self-assured, coming of age story, any ethnicity.
  • 1 FEMALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, attractive blond banker’s wife.
  • 1 FEMALE/MALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, transgender, at high school reunion, any ethnicity.
  • 1 FEMALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, environmental activist, retro punk look, any ethnicity.
  • 1 FEMALE – AGE RANGE, 20’S-30’S, young woman on worker’s picket line, 1936, white.

Anyone interested (or persons you wish to recommend) should contact New Play’s Program Coordinator, Judith Royer, as soon as possible. Need brief dramaturg/acting resume and photo for actors. Include mailing address and telephone/e-mail numbers for now and for the summer, should that be different from your current information. E-mail submission encouraged. If you send by overnight mail, be sure to waive the need for a delivery signature.

Contact Judith Royer, 7847 Flight Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045. Phone, (310) 670-0362,



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