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Acting Focus Group Bylaw Revisions for Review
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Jeanne Leep suggested edits in Red

DRAFT of new amendments, August 2015


Summary of suggested changes:

  • Instead of having two new conference planners come in at the same time, stagger them, so one is new and one has done it before.  That way the transfer of knowledge can be contained within that job.

  • Rename titles to be in line with titles used by ATHE.  Focus Group Representatives ARE the chair, so use Focus Group Reps instead of, or with, Chair.

  • Include the New and Adapted adjudicated Acting Exercises Coordinator in our listing of appointments, as sub committees of the executive committee

  • Also include the pre-conference planners in our listing of appointments as a subcommittee to the executive committee

    • Clarify the point of the pre-conference (are we just doing more conference, or going more deeply into one topic?)

  • Set up a system where the “VP Chair” is 1) renamed as the Incoming Focus Group Rep/Chair AND 2) comes from another executive position in the Acting focus group leadership, be secretary, conference planner, etc.  (This gives more trained and vetted people a chance to lead, and prevents people from having to make a six year commitment, which seemed to rarely worked as it was simply too long.)  It’s worth noting we have combined this with the conference planners (or eliminated it in practice) for the last few years.

  • Remove reference to the list serve and replace with whatever technology we are using now

  • Include the criteria for selection of session (which I do not have and have never seen) in this.

  • Things to consider that are not here: 

    • Term limits

    • Consecutive terms


(Note, the formatting of this is odd, as it didn’t transfer well to word and was un-editable in Adobe, so it will eventually need to be converted into something else, but as a working document, I’ve tried to make it work in word.  Sometimes the line spacing and line breaks freak out—they will be fixed.)


Amended  August  2010






The  name  of  this  organization  shall  be  the  Acting  Program  Focus  Group  of  the  ATHE.




The  purpose  of  the  Acting  Program  Focus  Group  is  to  meet  the  needs  of  its  members  

in  the  following  ways:


  1. Provide  programs  at  the  annual  ATHE  Conference,  and  serve  as  a  forum  throughout  the  year  for  artists,  teachers,  scholars,  graduate  students,  and  Acting  specialists  in  higher          education;

2.    Offer  a  forum  for  the  exchange  of  ideas  about  new  as  well  as  established methods  of  actor  training;

  1. Establish  a  network  that  will  provide  a  means  for  gathering  and  disseminating  

    information  useful  to  teachers  of  Acting;

  2. Explore  connections  between  training  programs  and  professional  opportunities  in  Acting;

  3. Strengthen  the  connection  between  this  focus  group  and  other  groups  within  ATHE:

  4. Support  the  current  ATHE  vision  and  mission.




Membership  in  the  Acting  Program  Focus  Group  is  open  to  all  artists,  teachers,  scholars,  faculty  members,  Digital  Networking  Administrator  and  graduate  students  of  Acting.




The  leadership  for  the  Acting  Program  Focus  Group  shall  be  provided  by  the  

Executive  Committee  composed  of  a Focus Group Rep & Chair of the Acting Focus Group Chair,  Conference  Planner,  Incoming Focus Group Rep Vice-­Chair,   , Immediate Past Focus Group Rep &Chair Secretary/Treasurer,  and  a  Graduate  Student  or  New  Professional  elected  at  the  

annual  business  meeting.  In addition to those positions, the Acting focus group also elects members to run their preconference as well as their acting adjudicated exercise.


  1. Focus Group Rep & Chair of the Acting Focus Group:  Elected  for  a  two-­‐year  term  (EVEN  YEARS),  the  FGR/Chair  is responsible  for:


  1.  Scheduling  two annual business meetings at the conference by working with the Acting Focus Group Conference Planners, who must include the meetings on their forms.

  2. Conducting  the  annual  business  meeting  and  meetings  of  the Executive  Committee.

Amended  August  2010

  1. Serving  as  a  representative  of  the  APFG  at  ATHE  Focus  Group  Representative  (FGR)   meetings.

  2.  Serving  on  a  standing  ATHE  committee.

  3. Submit an annual report, attend national business meetings, if asked, communicate with members as needed, post information on our pages and e-mail members as necessary. 

  4.  Serving  a  one-year  term  after  serving  as  Chair  to  advise  the  Chair  and  Executive  Committee  as         needed. (move to immediate past FGR/chair)

  1. Conference Planner:  Elected for a staggered two –year term with the Chair (term commences in ODD YEARS), the Conference Planner is responsible for:  Two members serve in this capacity, with one new conference planner elected every year.  The Conference Planners are responsible for:

    1. Soliciting  and  coordinating  programs  for  the  Annual  ATHE  Conference.

    2. When  possible,  serving  on  the  Conference  Planning  Committee  of  ATHE. 

    3. Representing  the  APFG  at  ATHE  Conference  planning  meetings.

    4. Including the acting focus group adjudicated exercise as a double session as the first and second choices of the acting focus group

    5. Including the acting focus group business meetings at the conference in the event forms for the conference

  2. Incoming Focus Group Rep Vice  Chair:   Elected to serve in this capacity AS WELL as another position of the executive committee for one year,  for  a  parallel  two year  term  with  the  Chair,  the  Vice  Chair  is  responsible  for:

    1. Coordinating  special  programs  and  projects  initiated  by  the  Executive Committee.

    2. Assisting  the  Forum  Representative  with  establishing  goals  and  direction  for  the  

      Focus  Group.   

    3. When  possible,  serving  on  a  standing  ATHE  committee.

  3. Graduate  Student/New  Professional: Elected  for  a  two-­‐year  term  on  years  that  are  parallel  with  the  election  of  the  Chair  and  Vice  Chair,  the Graduate  Student/New  Professional  will:

    1. Assist  the  Chair  and  Vice  Chair  with  establishing  goals  and  direction  for  the  Focus  Group

    2. Assist  in  ways  deemed  beneficial  to  the  effectiveness  of  the  Focus  Group.

  4. Secretary/Treasurer:    Elected  for  a  two -year  term  on  years  that  are  parallel  with  the  election  of  the  Chair,  the  Secretary/

    Treasurer  will:

    1. Take  and  distribute  notes  from  the  business  and  networking  meetings  at  the  ATHE  Annual  Conference.

    2. Type  up  the  idea  list  created  in  the  APFG  business  meeting(s)  to  send  out  to  all  APFG  members  via  the  list  serve. The available technology.

    3. Handle  financial  transactions  as  needed  for  the  APFG.    These  transactions  may  include  (but  are  not  limited  to)  arranging  for  hospitality  suites  during  the  ATHE  annual  conference,  workshops  offered  by  or  co-­‐sponsored  by  the  APFG.

  5. Digital  Networking  Administrator:  Volunteer  member  who  will:

    1. Update  the  APFG  page  of  the  ATHE  website  after  the  conference  each  year.

    2. Update  the  AP face book page and other media list  serve  information  when  needed.  

    3.  Work  with  the  ATHE  technology  person  when  necessary  to  update  APFG  online  information  at

  6. Immediate Past Focus Group Rep for Acting Chair

    1. The immediate past focus group rep for acting serves for one year as as a mentor and advisor to the current focus group rep/chair.

    2. Should the current focus group rep be unable to attend the conference, the immediate past focus group rep will either work with the incoming rep as an advisor and run the acting focus group meetings or, if an incoming rep is not yet elected, run the acting focus group meetings.

  7. Sub Committees of the Acting Focus Group

    1. New and Adapted Adjudicated Acting Exercise Coordinator(s)

      1. Will serve 1-3 year

      2. Can be 1 to 3 people

      3. Will solicit, select and coordinate submissions for the adjudicated acting exercise

      4. Will work with the conference planners to ensure that the acting adjudicated exercise are listed as a back to back session (essentially a double session) in the ATHE conference

      5. Will solicit qualified responders to the exercise and coordinate their duties

    2. Pre-conference Planners

  8. Contingency  for  abbreviated  terms: (???  I don’t know what this is)

  9. Add existing document of criteria for acting focus group presentation selection.

AP Ranking Criteria for 2010 and 2011 Conferences

These criteria were developed by Stephanie Daventry French and Biliana Stoytcheva-Horissian (co-conference planners 2010 and 2011) when evaluating 2010 proposals, based on what we understood to be the value and priorities of the Acting Focus group. The criteria were offered to the Acting Focus Group business meeting at ATHE 2010 for suggestions, additions and to gain approval of members.   The agreed upon criteria will be our rubric to evaluate panels for 2011 to attempt to hold all proposals to the same criteria.

  • balance of panels: research papers, theoretical discussions and practical applications
  • priority to proposals that have a variety of presenters/panelists from different institutions (this can be different academic institutions or a mix of academic and professional theatres)
  • relevance to the main conference topic
  • addressing needs for teachers and practitioners in our current situation in higher ed
  • current trends in actor training, assessment, and practical applications
  • versatility and opportunity for a wide range of topics to be covered
  • avoiding panels that are too similar for the same conference, or that were well covered in recent years
  • some priority given to panels suggested in the business meeting or on list serve that address topics of interest to AP members
  • reputations of presenters, if known - ie: very strong past panels, professional reputation, service to ATHE, or poor past panels (ie presenting on material clearly not well versed in), didn’t show up when received a slot in the past, etc
  • avenues for first time presenters: 1) debut panel 2) create a panel with an experienced ATHE member who can help you with the submission 3) submit your own panel but first ask for advice on proposal from conference planners and other AP reps as well as others whose panels were accepted in prior years
  • Some criteria are completely out of AP’s control (how many MD versus AP panel slots are given.  Whether it is better on a given year to apply as a MD or an AP.


Multidisciplinary panels have their own criteria established and written down.  We should consider this too and make revisions based on a vote each year as needed.  In 2010, our ranking and comments made no difference in the MD panel as there were so few AP proposals that they took them all.  We should let our members know about the MD criteria too but we can’t change them without going through an all-conference body.


Amended  August  2010




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