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ATHENews, Volume 27, Number 8: Nominations Committee Begins Work on Election Slate
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Nominations Committee Begins Work on Election Slate

The Nominations Committee has begun its work on the slate of people to stand for elections in the spring of 2014.

The membership will elect the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VP Membership and Marketing
  • VP Research and Publications
  • VP 2016 Conference
  • Member Nominating Committee

Those elected will begin their terms of service at the annual membership meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. Please read the following position descriptions and think about potential nominees for the committee’s consideration. Remember that nominating someone to the committee is not a guarantee that individual will be on the final slate. The slate of nominees is developed by the committee and approved by the Governing Council. However, we seek your input as a valuable part of the process.

Potential nominees should be submitted by November 11, 2013, to the Nominations Committee at

The Secretary shall:
Serve as recorder for meetings of the Governing Council and for the annual and special meetings of the membership; maintain records pertinent to the operation of the Association; summarize actions of the Governing Council for publication; cause to have published all notices of meetings and elections pertinent to members; perform such other duties as are customary or as may be assigned by the Governing Council; serve as Chair of the Electronic Technology Committee; supervise transfer of records and archival materials; and annually evaluate the accuracy of the Bylaws and recommend amendments to the Governing Council.

The Treasurer shall:
Prepare the annual budget in consultation with the President and President-Elect; arrange procedures for the receipt and disbursement of funds according to the approved annual budget; issue at the Annual Meeting (and at other times to the Governing Council at its request) a full written report of the financial status and transactions of the Association; prepare and submit tax statements as required by law; prepare a financial statement available for audit at the end of the fiscal year; perform other such duties as are customary or as may be assigned by the Governing Council; serve as Chair of the Finance Committee; and serve as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

The three Vice Presidential positions serve as officers and Committee Chairs who oversee the work of their respective committees; manage projects within the Association’s budget; report to the Governing Council on a regular basis; and recommend names of potential committee members for appointment by the President and approval by the Governing Council. In addition, each Vice President has responsibilities for specific duties outlined below.

Vice President for RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE. The Research and Publications Committee is charged with overseeing and facilitating ongoing research and publications’ activities of the Association; stimulating projects that promote new research and publication activities; and forwarding recommended documents for approval by the Governing Council.

Vice President for MEMBERSHIP AND MARKETING COMMITTEE. The Membership and Marketing Committee is charged with promoting the mission of ATHE through the expansion and diversification of the membership and membership services.

Vice President for CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. The Conference Committee is charged with overseeing all conference activities.

Member Nominating Committee. Works as part of the Nominating Committee to prepare for submission to the members a slate of two (2) candidates for each position being elected.

Nominating Committee Members

Bill Doan, Immediate Past President, Chair, Nominating Committee
Christin Essin, Vanderbilt University
Tiffany Ana Lopez, University of California, Riverside
Jennifer-Scott Mobley, Rollins College
Harvey Young, Northwestern University

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