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2015 Conference | Saturday, August 1, 2015
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Time Session # Session Title, Presenters & Description Room
7:45 am - 8:15 am 405

ATME Morning Warm Up #2

Description | Please join us for this conference-wide warm up—something for every BODY to get up and moving.

Session Coordinator | Laura Rikard, Brown University

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1305

What Works: Our best practice for teaching the skills of playwriting

Description | Playwriting professors from around the US share the secrets they've learned for teaching and inspiring young playwrights.

Session Coordinator & Chair | George D. Nelson, Brigham Young University

Presenters | Daniel L. Patterson, Keene State University, Diane Merchant, Cedarville University, Robert Fieldsteel, Wesleyan College, Norman Bert, Texas Tech University, Steven Young, Texas Woman's University

8:15 am - 9:45 am 3103

Membership and Marketing Committee Annual Business Meeting

Description | This session brings together those interested in topics and potential issues pertaining to ATHE's Membership and Marketing. All are welcome!

Session Coordinator & Chair | Chase Bringardner, Auburn University

8:15 am - 9:45 am 6337

New Play Development Workshop: Rehearsal: Part II

Description | Rehearsal for the second half of the plays selected for the New Play Development Workshop and Showcase Series.

Session Coordinator & Co-Chair | Judith Royer, Loyola Marymount University

Co-Chair | Roger Sorensen, Brigham Young University, Ingrid DeSanctis, James Madison University

Presenters | Haley Flanders, Brigham Young University, Aisling Galvin, Loyola Marymount University

8:15 am - 9:45 am 1405

Religion and Theatre Debut Emerging Scholars Panel

Description | A debut paper panel for emerging scholars on the topic of the relationship and connections in Religion and Theatre.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Alex Iben Cahill, University of Missouri

Presenters | Karen Dabney, University of Colorado Boulder, Paper Title: Theatrical Representation of Religious Hybridity: A Comparison of Rabinal Achi and David Henry Hwang’s Golden Child, Laura Nicholas, Baylor University, Paper Title: More than a Memory: Giving Voice to the Syrian Trojan Women through Reinforcement of Nationalism in Production, Jay Eckard, University of Washington, Paper Title: Playing with Power: Witchcraft, Theatre and Politics in the Early Reign of James I (1603-1613)

8:15 am - 9:45 am 203

ATDS Membership Meeting

Session Coordinator & Chair | Cheryl Black, University of Missouri

Presenter | Jocelyn Buckner, Chapman University

8:15 am - 9:45 am 3210

The Three Cs of Theatre Assessment: Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration

Description | Panelists will present assessment strategies, best practices, and tools that address the challenges related to assessing creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration in theatre.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Monica Stufft, University of San Diego

Presenters | Travis Malone, Virginia Wesleyan College, Bradley Griffin, Pepperdine University - Seaver College, Jane Duncan, NOVA Southeastern University

Hochelaga 3
8:15 am - 9:45 am 1303

Integrating New Plays and Playwrights into a University Season

Description | In this workshop, representatives from four colleges and universities will share their models for integrating new plays and playwrights into their season.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Tom Smith, New Mexico State University

Presenters | Mark Charney, Texas Tech University, Shirley Huston-Findley, The College of Wooster, Susan Merson, California State University, Fullerton

Hochelaga 4
8:15 am - 9:45 am 1506

I Remember: Using Memories to Create Theatre

Description | Memories are rich fodder for theatre. Learn some popular ways to capture recollections, convert them to theatre, and produce successful productions.

Session Chair | Joy Reilly, Ohio State University

Presenters | Ann McDonough, University of Nevada Las Vegas, “Creating Oral History Theatre,” Ellise Mayor, The Seasoned Performers, “It’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It!,” Catherine Frid and Gloria Nye, Playwrights Guild of Canada, “Our Voices: Senior Selfies,” Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, Amy Insley: Director, Faculty ODU/CNU, “Bridging the Generation Gap”

Hochelaga 5
8:15 am - 9:45 am 603

Great Spaces and Greater Ideas: Designing in Non-Traditional Formats and Spaces

Description | A roundtable discussion by artists and educators who utilize innovative spatial formats and non-traditional design processes in the creation of projects in educational and professional settings.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Tom Burch, University of North Carolina, Paper Title: Great Spaces and Greater Ideas

Presenters | Lynne Koscielniak, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Paper Title: Great Spaces and Greater Ideas, Jon Shimon, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Paper Title: Great Spaces and Greater Ideas

Hochelaga 6
8:15 am - 9:45 am 6309

Circus Arts as Theatrical Arts: Integrating histories, practices, and theories of circus into theatre and performance studies

Description | This interdisciplinary panel recalls and investigates the relationship—historic and contemporary—between circus arts and theatre arts, making the case for the robust integration of circus arts into theatre studies programs: including theatre history, performer/director training, performance theory, and dramaturgy.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Kathryn Mederos Syssoyeva, Stanford University; Co-Director, Research Team of Circus Now, Paper Title: Clowns, Attractions and Acrobats: The Circus-Theatre roots of the Soviet Avant-Garde and its legacy in the theatre of images

Presenters | Carlos Alexis Cruz, University of North Carolina, Co-Director, Research Team of Circus Now, Paper Title: A Circus-Theatre approach to actor training: The Cross-Trained Actor, a quadruple threat, Louis Patrick Leroux, Concordia University, Director of the Montréal Working Group on Circus Research, Paper Title: Contemporary Circus in Québec, past, present and future, Annette Thornton, Director, Music Theatre Central Michigan University, Paper Title: Reviving Pippin: Circus Arts Hit Broadway , Duncan Wall, Circus History Faculty at the Ecole National de Cirque in Montréal, National Director, Circus Now, Paper Title: Circus-Theatre aesthetics: a historical perspective., Virginia K Preston, Post-Doctoral Fellow, McGill University, Institute for the Public Life of the Arts and Ideas, Paper Title: Gender Performance and Archival Lacunae: Being Upside Down, Barry Kendall, Director of Circus Center San Francisco, Paper Title: Training and Pedagogy at The San Francisco Circus Center , Sonya Smith, University of Colorado Boulder, Paper Title: Aerial Dance, Kate Kohler Amory, Salem State University, Paper Title: Vertical Viewpoints

8:15 am - 9:45 am 6374

This is how it all Went Down: Remembering and Questing the Inception of Modern Musical Theatre in (Post)Colonial Asia

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Sissi Liu, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Paper Title: Remembering Li Jinhui: Gewuju and the Formidable Birth of the Modern Chinese Musical Theatre

Presenters | Kayla Ji-Hyon Yuh, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Paper Title: "Pardon Me, I Was There:" Recording, Recounting, and Remembering the Beginnings of Korean Musical Theatre, Caleb Goh, LASALLE College, Singapore, Paper Title: BEYOND BEAUTY WORLD: THE SINGAPOREAN QUEST FOR IDENTITY THROUGH MUSICAL THEATRE

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2304

Performing Woman

Description | This panel will explore what it means to be Woman through the Auto/Biographical performance of aging, heath/loss, and the plus size body.

Session Coordinator | Rachel Bauer, University of Missouri, Columbia, Paper Title: In{fat)uations: A Big Girl's Guide to Navigating the Theatre through the Autobiographical Performance of More Than Fat

Session Chair | Heather Carver, University of Missouri, Columbia

Presenters | Joy Powell, Missouri Baptist University, Paper Title: Creating Your Own In Between: Plus Sized Women in the Faith-Based Academy, Tessa Carr, Auburn University, Paper Title: Are We Making You Uncomfortable?: Performing the Aging Female Body, Deanna Shoemaker, Monmouth University, Paper Title: Are We Making You Uncomfortable?: Performing the Aging Female Body, Sarah Senff, University of Missouri, Paper Title: Re/Membering in Pieces: Women's Embodied Grief Performed in Hair

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2603

ASTR/ATHE NEH Digital Humanities and Theater Summer Institute Brainstorming Session

Description | The digital humanities has greatly impacted the field of theater in terms of archive creation and management, pedagogy, and performance strategy. Given this, ASTR and ATHE are proposing to host an NEH Digital Humanities and Theater Summer Institute. We will use this brainstorming session to garner ideas, themes, topics, or guiding questions for the creation of a summer institute.

Sponsoring Focus Group | Electronic Technology Committee

Session Coordinator | Patricia Herrera, University of Richmond

Presenters | Jim Ball, University of Maryland, Kate Bredeson, Reed College, Peter Eckersall, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Lance Gharavi, Arizona State University, D.J. Hopkins, San Diego State University, Amy Hughes, Brooklyn College, Lindsay Hunter, University of Buffalo, Andrew Kircher, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Michael O'Hara, University of Pittsburgh, Ellen MacKay, Indiana University, Denise R. Massman, Siena College, Kimberly Ramirez, LaGuardia Community College - City University of New York, Doug Reside, Billy Rose Theatre Division at the NYPL, David Saltz, University of Georgia, Stephen A. Schrum, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Seth Soulstein, Cornell University, LaRonika Marie Thomas, University of Maryland, Tamara Underiner, Arizona State University, Nic Leonhardt, Associate Director of the DFG project Global Theatre Histories

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2907

Black Theatre Network Alliance

Session Coordinator | Henry Bial, University of Kansas

Note | This session is invite only

President's Suite 2016
8:15 am - 9:45 am 2801

Advocacy Committee Meeting

Description | Please join us for an update on current activities. Open to any interested members.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Kathryn Ervin, CSU San Bernardino

8:15 am - 9:45 am 114

Remembering the Classics: Heightened text, body, and practice in the contemporary acting studio

Description | Remembering the Classics is a practice-based workshop that addresses the complexities involved in putting the contemporary student actor in both classic and classical texts.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Valerie Clayman Pye, Manhattanville College, Paper Title: Locating, Radiating, and Communicating Classical Text in the Three-dimensional Body

Presenters | Jeanne Leep, Edgewood College, Paper Title: Classical Comedy and the Power of Movement: Remembering what you already know, Joan Bruemmer-Holden, Naropa University, Paper Title: Exploring the Epic: Working with Roy Hart Extended Vocal Technique and Suzuki Actor Training, Fabio Polanco, Kent State University, Paper Title: Exploring Epic Theatre Through Michael Chekhov's Archetypal Gestures, Peter Zazzali, University of Kansas, Paper Title: Glossing and Sculpting Classical Text

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2401

Family and Memory in the Making of Latina/o Theatre

Description | This panel explores the phenomenon of memory in the making of contemporary Latina/o theatre with a focus on the concept of family

Session Coordinator & Chair | Carlos-Manuel Chavarría, Contra Costa College, Paper Title: From Memory Interview to the Stage: The Experiences of Gay Vaqueros

Presenters | Cecilia Aragón, University of Wyoming, Paper Title: Cultural Memory in Rudolfo Anaya's plays, Bless Me Ultima and Billy The Kid: Recollection and Representation of Family Ties, Jason Ramirez, SUNY-Suffolk, Paper title: The Dysfunctional Representation of Latino “Normal” in Reinaldo Povod’s La Puta Vida Trilogy

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2010

Open Mindfulness Practice and Simple Yoga

Description | Start your day with simple meditation, yoga, and contemplative mindfulness practice. Open to all conference attendees. No experience necessary. You may wish to bring a yoga mat or towel for sitting on the floor.

Session Coordinator | Susanne Shawyer, Elon University

8:15 am - 9:45 am 2209

Touching the Voice

Description | This workshop proposes to explore aspects of how one may best integrate principles of the Alexander Technique principles with voice training.

Session Coordinator | Janet Madelle Feindel, Carnegie Mellon University, Paper Title: Touching the Voice

8:15 am - 9:45 am 401

A New Theatre Workshop: Recognition, Remembering and Re-imagining the work of Littlewood and Newlove

Description | The longtime collaboration between Theatre Workshop director Joan Littlewood and Laban movement specialist Jean Newlove provides the inspiration, investigation point, and imagination of this workshop.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Tamara Meneghini, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Presenter | Ted Morin, William Esper Studio, Head of Movement, PAper Title: LMA

10:00 am - 11:45 am 2903

ATHE Annual Membership Meeting and Presidential Address

Description | The ATHE Annual Membership Meeting offers members an opportunity to meet the new members of the Governing Council, thank outgoing officers, and hear from the ATHE President about the state of the Association. In addition, to updating you on all things ATHE, we’ll be offering a sampling of that local delicacy, poutine, as well as the chance to win a complimentary registration for Conference 2016!

Session Coordinator | Lionel Walsh, Vice President for 2015 Conference, University of Windsor

Le Grand Salon
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 1404

Religion & Theatre Focus Group Membership Meeting

Description | Please join the R&T Focus Group for its annual business meeting. All conference attendees are welcome.

Session Coordinator | Allan Davis, University of Maryland, College Park

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 402

ATME Focus Group Meeting #1

Description | Please join us to find out more about ATME and learn about what we're up to in this conference and beyond.

Session Coordinator | Holly Cate, Muhlenberg College

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 1501

The Chaperone: An Award-Winning Film Created from Life Stories

Description | Learn how filmmakers used two men's experiences to craft a short subject documentary. See the film, meet the actors, and be inspired.

Session Chair | Barbara Parisi, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus

Presenters | Ellise Mayor, The Seasoned Performers, “Creating The Chaperone,” Fraser Munden, Director of and Actor in The Chaperone, Mike Glanz, Director of and Actor in The Chaperone, Joey Lee, Director of and Actor in The Chaperone, Neil Rathbone, Director of and Actor in The Chaperone

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 1110

Music Theatre/Dance Focus Group Membership Meeting

Description | The annual membership meeting of ATHE members active in opera, operetta, musical theatre, and dance theatre research, practice and pedagogy. Open to all members and those interested in joining MTD.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Laura MacDonald, University of Portsmouth

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 705

Directing Program (DP) Focus Group Membership Meeting #1

Session Coordinator | Lewis Magruder, Miami University

Session Chair | Emily Rollie, Monmouth College

Hochelaga 5
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 1708

Theatre as a Liberal Art (TLA) Focus Group Open Forum

Description | Come join other ATHE members as we discuss/respond to our shared reading of Learning from Live Theater.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Shawna Mefferd Kelty, State University of New York, Plattsburgh

Presenters | Julia Ann Schmitt, Stetson University, Jay Sierszyn, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Janice Pohl, Elmhurst College, Kathleen Sills, Merrimack College, Alison Frost, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, John Sebestyen, Trinity Christian College, Christine Williams, Lee University

Hochelaga 6
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 503

Black Theatre Association (BTA) Focus Group Membership Meeting

Description | Meeting and networking opportunity for artists and scholars interested in black theatre. Focus group business and elections will be conducted. All are welcome.

Session Coordinator | Monica Ndounou, Tufts University

Presenter | Jonathan Shandell, Arcadia University

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 2011

Theory and Criticism Focus Group Annual Membership Meeting

Description | Come join us for our annual meeting to discuss past, present, and future business and to plan next year's conference. All are welcome!

Session Coordinator & Chair | Susanne Shawyer, Elon University

Presenters | Jane Barnette, University of Kansas, Amy Guenther, University of Texas, Austin, Emily Kelly-Padden, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 1005

LGBTQ Focus Group Membership Meeting

Description | At the LGBTQ Focus Group Membership Meeting, participants discuss the goals, leadership, and future plans of the focus group.

Session Chair | Cassidy C Browning, University of Texas, Austin

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm 802

Dramaturgy (DR) Focus Group Membership Meeting

Description | All are welcome at the Dramaturgy Focus Group Membership Meeting, where we network, find mentors, and discuss events and ideas toward planning next year's conference.

Session Coordinator | Bryan Moore, Concordia University, Nebraska

Presenters | Karen Jean Martinson, Chicago State University, Carrie J. Cole, Indiana University at Pennsylvania

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm 1307

ATHE Award for Excellence in Playwriting (AEP) Staged Reading, Technical Rehearsal

Session Coordinator | Daniel L. Patterson

1:15 pm - 2:00 pm 2906

Bingo Raffle and Refreshments

Session Coordinator | Lionel Walsh, Vice President for 2015 Conference, University of Windsor

Hochelaga 1-2
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1002

Archiving Opacity, or Negotiating Queer Subjection

Description | What must be erased in order for queers to become subjects? This panel examines the productive opacities of queer bodies on the margins of LGBT identity politics.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Lilian Mengesha, Brown University, Paper Title: Giving the Thing a Local Coloring: We'wha and Negotiations of Spectacular Opacity

Presenters | Lakshmi Padmanabhan, Brown University, Paper Title: Effective recognition: Queer rights,lesbian' subjects, and Indian law, Rae Langes, Northwestern University, Paper Title: The Limits of Representation: Sex, Race, and Transgender Identity in Divas from the Underground

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1802

Contesting Memories of Eastern Europe: Disensus on the Stages of Belarus, Romania, Poland, and the Soviet Union

Description | Examining the role of gender, sexuality, and nationalism on East European stages, this panel demonstrates disensus between "official" memory and performative expression.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Jacob Juntunen, Southern Illinois University, Paper Title: Bio-Objects and Female Actors: Women Onstage in Tadeusz Kantor's Theatre Representing Silenced Memories

Presenters | Dassia Posner, Northwestern University, Paper Title: The Tragedy of Optimism: Alisa Koonen and The Optimistic Tragedy at the Moscow Kamerny Theatre, Ioana Szeman, University of Roehampton, London, Paper Title: "A Memorable French-Romanian Evening": Nationalism and the Cold War at the Theatre of Nations Festival, Rita Kompelmakher, University of Minnesota, Paper Title: Queering Belarus?: Translating Western Queer Theory, Rights, and Practices, and the Limits of Identity Politics in the Work of the Belarus Free Theatre

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 6355

Slippery Memory: Remembering American Patriotism in Performance

Description | Through surrogation, memory "recycling," and re-enactments, this panel spotlights select performances to explore different approaches to how performance influences the formation and reformation of memory.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Elizabeth Osborne, Florida State University, Paper Title: "4000 Silent Graves: Reenacting Cherokee History and Memory in the Smoky Mountains"

Presenters | Megan Sanborn Jones, Brigham Young University, Paper Title: "You've Got Red on You: Reviving Patriotism in the Mormon Manti Pageant", Adrienne Macki Braconi, University of Connecticut, Paper Title: "Forgotten or Forsaken Memories: Dramaturgies of Diaspora, Spirituality, and Violence in Contemporary African American Theatre", Lindsay Adamson Livingston, Brigham Young University, "The Town Too Tough to Die: Repeating the Past in Tombstone, Arizona"

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 3211

The Truth About Higher Ed: Full-Time, Part-Time, and Everything in Between

Description | This roundtable aims to give emerging colleagues—and those considering career shifts—a more complete picture of the field and its options.

Session Coordinator | Tom Robson, Millikin University

Presenter | Jane Duncan, Nova Southeastern University, Rick Jones, Stephen F. Austin State University, Noe Montez, Tufts University

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 6348

Remembering Community: Theatrical Collaboration Across College(s) and Communities

Description | A roundtable discussion on community collaboration, presenting innovative ideas and best practices for theatre educators who seek to foster collaboration with the communities in and around their colleges.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Thomas Costello, State University of New York, Dutchess Community College, Paper Title: WSU Creative Arts Leaning Collaborative: Forging Community Connections through Arts Education

Presenters | Tamara Goldbogen, Weber State University, Paper Title: WSU Creative Arts Leaning Collaborative: Forging Community Connections through Arts Education, Ryan McKinney, City University of New York, Kingsborough Community College, Paper Title: The Big Apple as Small Community : Using the New York City Educational and Professional Landscape to Enrich Theatre Training in CUNY Community Colleges, Melissa Porterfield, Carnegie Mellon University, Paper Title: Working Artists in the Liberal Arts Setting: A Case Study of Teaching Artists at the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Theatre, Laura Smiley, Slippery Rock University, Paper Title: Reaching In and Reaching Out: Interdisciplinary Collaborations on Topical Issues and Their Effects on Community

Hochelaga 3
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 2305

Rereading, Restoring, Regrouping: Remembering Women's Theatre History

Description | Who do we remember? Why—and how? This feminist, historiographical panel rereads and restores the work of women in modern theatre, considering feminist biography and queer feminism as mechanisms through which we might rethink—and "regroup."

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Rosemary Malague, University of Pennsylvania, Paper Title: Regrouping: A Feminist Portrait of Stella Adler, 1941-1951

Respondent | Kimberly Marra, University of Iowa

Presenters | Penny Farfan, University of Calgary, Paper Title: Queer Feminism and Modernist Performance, Jessica Silsby Brater, University of New Haven, Paper Title: Lillian Mortimer: Remembering a Feminist Melodramatist

Hochelaga 4
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 2003

Adapt/Translate/Appropriate Roundtable Series: Critical Silences of (Re)presentation

Description | Participants analyze how the act of adaptation, translation, or appropriation gives voice to (or silences) underserved communities and identities.

Session Coordinator | Nicole Tabor, Moravian College, Paper Title: In the Theatre of Appropriation(s): Circe's Hybridic Translation

Presenters | Amy Guenther, The University of Texas at Austin,Paper Title: Mis/Forgetting Tituba: Adapting Memory, History, and Race for Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Jayme Kilburn, Cornell University, Paper Title: Appropriating the Coopted, Amy Meyer, Tufts University, Paper Title: Framing Reality: The Civilians' Creative Investigations as Transformative Acts, Kristen Rogers, Texas Tech University, Paper Title: Self-Adaptation: Creator as Critic, D. Amy-Rose Forbes-Erickson, Rutgers University, Paper Title: On Being Critically Black

Hochelaga 6
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 6365

Vectors of Remembering: Engaging possibilities for emerging sites and methods of research at the intersections of Asian performance and performance studies.

Description | This roundtable gathers scholars working transnationally and cross-culturally in Asian performance and performance studies to address emerging debates of how knowledge is constructed via the transfigurations and interpretations of performance.

Session Coordinator | Melissa Wansin Wong, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Chair | Peter Eckersall, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Presenters | Eng-Beng Lim, Dartmouth College, Elizabeth Son, Northwestern University, Katherine Mezur, San Francisco Museum of Performance and Design, Keio University Art Centre, Tokyo, Sean Metzger, University of California, Los Angeles, Michelle Liu-Carriger, University of California, Los Angeles, Kareem Khubchandani, University of Texas, Austin, Ugoran Prasad, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 6368

What Will Students Remember? Pros and Cons of an Entire Season of New Works

Description | This session will discuss pros and cons of an entirely new works season at an undergraduate institution from a dramaturgy, design, writing, and directing standpoint.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Jenny Kokai, Weber State University

Presenters | Jess Greenberg, Weber State University, Kristin Leahey, Seattle Repertory Theatre

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1706

The Ethics of our Practices and Pedagogies: Remembering Who We Are and What We Do

Description | Theatre in academia can be pigeonholed for service to "real" disciplines or sequestered as fringe. We'll examine common challenges and pitfalls as theatre artists and professors.

Session Coordinator | Abigail Killeen, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Department of Theatre and Dance, Bowdoin College, Paper Title: Staying Accountable to Our Personal Artistry, Especially As Academics

Presenters | Allen Kuwarski, Professor and Chair, Department of Theater, Swarthmore College, Paper Title: Helping Colleagues Understand What We Teach and What Our Graduates Do, Adrianne Krstansky, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, Department of Theatre Arts, Brandeis University, Paper Title: The Changing Professional Theater, Melissa Thompson, Assistant Professor, School of Theatre, Film and Television, University of Arizona, Paper Title: Changing Theater Pedagogies, James M. Brandon, Professor of Theatre and Speech, Hillsdale College, Paper Title: Who We Are Within the Liberal Arts: Building Vocabulary and Community

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1206

Performance Studies Focus Group Emerging Scholars Panel

Description | The annual vetted emerging scholars panel for the Performance Studies Focus Group.

Session Chair | Patrick McKelvey, Brown University

Faculty Respondent | Soyica Colbert, Georgetown University, Facility Response

Presenters | Kim McLeod, York University, Paper Title: Can We Ever "Stop the Progress"?: Digital Identity Correction in Phone Story, Soo Ryon Yoon, Northwestern University, Paper Title: Artists or Slave Laborers?: Burkinabé Performers in South Korea's African Arts Museum, Labor Rights Struggle, and Performance of Uncapturability, Thea Fitz-James, York University, Paper Title: Unraveling Our Expectations: Loring-Wyle Parkette Revisited

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 2210

VASTA Debut Panel

Description | Session from scholars who have presented at ATHE before.

Session Coordinator | John Graham, Drake University

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 511

Remembering Black Women's Lived Experience: Centering Feminist Thought in Contemporary Drama

Description | This panel will investigate the work of Glenda Dickerson, Dael Orlandersmith, and Katori Hall through the works’ connections with and distance from Black feminist thought. By combining close readings of scripts and performances with historically accurate context this panel examines the feminist work of three important, yet understudied, contemporary Black female playwrights.

Session Chair | Nicole Hodges Persley, University of Kansas

Presenters | Khalid Long, University of Maryland, College Park, Paper Title: "say it yourself": Oral Narratives as Realist Theory of Identity in Glenda Dickerson's "Kitchen Prayer Series", Zach Sudbury, University of Kansas, Paper Title: "It's ALL gold": Black feminist thought and humanism in Dael Orlandersmith's Black n Blue Boys/Broken Men", Le'Mil Eiland, University of Pittsburgh, Paper Title: Playing B(L)ACK: Katori Hall's The Mountaintop and Epistemology

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1402

Out of Site, Are You Mine?: The Politics of Reconstructing Fragments of Religious Ceremony

Description | This panel will examine how various theatrical performances have used fragments of religious ceremony saturated in established memories to discover new meaning.

Session Chair | Allan Davis, University of Maryland, College Park

Presenters | Benjamin Phelan, Louisiana State University, Paper Title: "Will You Tell Your Story, Please": Robot Souls and the Performance of Memory, Heather Barfield, Austin Community College, Paper Title: MTV Mother: Linda Montano Performs Mother Teresa and 1980's MTV Culture, Joel Eis, Paper Title: The Scene Wagon and the Ship of State: The Use of the Ekkyklema and the Underlying Causes of the Success of Tragedy for the Polis of Athens, Allan Davis, University of Maryland, College Park

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1503

Explore the Dynamic World of Canadian Senior Theatre

Description | Senior Theatre grows and thrives in Canada. Discover some of the dynamic programs that present creative, stimulating work with older performers in all ability levels.

Session Chair | Vrenia Ivonoffoski, Ryerson University's Act II Studio

Presenter | Pat Beaven, University of Toronto Standardized Patient Program, Act Your Age Players, “Act Your Age Players,” Lois Dellar, Ten Years Acting for Fun, "Ten Years Acting for Fun," Catherine Frid, Playwrights Guild of Canada, “Our Voices: Senior Selfies,” Dave Barnet, Drama Professor, University of Alberta, “GeriActors and Friends,” Bonnie Vorenberg, ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 1101

All I Ever Needed Was the Music and the Classroom and the Chance: Pedagogy and Practical Lessons for Teaching Musical Theatre History

Description | Featuring demonstrations as well as a roundtable discussion, this session explores the pedagogy of musical theatre history, whether in a dedicated course or as a stand-alone lesson.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Barrie Gelles, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Presenters | Bud Coleman, University of Colorado Boulder, Brian Valencia, University of Miami, Bryan Vandevender, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Stacy Wolf, Princeton University

2:15 pm - 3:45 pm 2403


Description | Theoretical engagement with key issues of memory in Latina/o and Latin American theatre and performance: intercultural encounters, temporal conceptions, diasporic affect, and archives.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Jon Rossini, University of California, Davis

Presenters | Leo Cabranes-Grant, University of California, Santa Barbara, Paper Title: Intercultural Entrainments: Scenes of Transformation in Colonial Mexico, Patricia Ybarra, Brown University, Paper Title: Latino Theatre in the Times of Neoliberalism, Alberto Sandoval-Sanchez, Mt. Holyoke College, Paper Title: La Memoria Rota: Staging the Trauma of Migration in Nuyorican Theatre, Teresa Marrero, University of North Texas, Paper Title: Inclusions and Exclusions: Archival and Institutional Memories

2:15 pm - 5:30 pm 2931

Manon Beaudoin Workshop: Clown

Description | A seasoned theatre artist who has created lazzi and performed as a clown with numerous circus companies, including Canada’s famed Cirque du Soliel, Manon Beaudoin has created a clown workshop aimed at professional and semi-professional theatre-makers wishing to explore the clown’s playfulness and direct relationship with the audience. Through a series of games, exercises, and provocations, participants will explore their creative limits, playing with rhythm, impulse, and the joy of performing for (and with) an audience—learning to “follow their fun”. The goal is to stretch physically and creatively, and to go beyond existing creative limits into areas outside the individual participant‘s comfort zone.

Presenter | Manon Beaudoin

Hochelaga 5
2:15 pm - 5:30 pm 2920

Joan Lipkin Workshop: Putting the Fun into the Fundamentals  of Devising Stories with Human Props and More

Description | This workshop will focus on generating and staging narrative in imaginative ways.  We will also explore using our bodies to make sound effects including music and to  create environments. The theatrical use of human props delights audiences of all ages and restores the life enhancing element of play for performers, both experienced and beginning.  Ideal for exploring subject matter in single  or multiple class sessions as well as longer projects.

Session Coordinator | Lionel Walsh, Vice President for 2015 Conference, University of Windsor

Presenter | Joan Lipkin

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 2103

Small-Program Survival Guide

Description | Small theatre programs face unique challenges with production logistics, class staffing, recruiting, and time. Please join this roundtable discussion as we explore success stories and challenges for small theatre programs. Your input will be appreciated.

Session Coordinator | Bill Gillett, Carroll Community College

Presenter | Ryan Clark, Community College of Baltimore County

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 1204

Flexing Memory: Professional Wrestling's Embodied History

Description | This panel explores professional wrestling as an embodied archive, in which contested ideas of race, gender, nation, and class are captured and (re)performed in a repertoire of tropes, characters, and scenarios.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Eero Laine, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Paper Title: Tapes and Legends: Replaying the Professional Wrestling Archive

Presenters | Patrick Bradley, Tufts University, Paper Title: Breaking (Down) Kayfabe: On the Origins and Ambiguities of Wrestling's Code Word, Broderick Chow, Brunel University, London, Paper Title: Muscle Memory: Re-enacting the Fin-de-Siecle Strong Man in Pro Wrestling, Nina Hoechtl, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Paper Title: Becoming Luchadores ExÍticos: Ephemeral Evidence and the Joy of Intervening Into the Present

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 111

Is Everyone Teachable?

Description | This panel will discuss approaches that might facilitate more effective teaching when dealing with students that have special needs, in particular those with Autism and ADHD.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Miriam Mills, Rider University, Westminster School of the Arts

Presenters | Korinne Ritchey, Middlesex Community College, Shona Tucker, Vassar College, John Kaufmann, University of Iowa, Lesley Ann Timlick, Florida International University, Hillary Bucs, Western New England, Rebecca Covey, Florida International University

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 2207

Remembering All Sounds Possible in Play: An Overview of the Methodology and Use of Knight Thompson Speechwork

Description | This workshop will provide an overview of the Knight Thompson Speechwork model for speech training and accent acquisition. Presenters will also discuss uses in both the studio and professional theatre setting, and will provide participants an opportunity to explore one exercise from the arch of the training.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Andrea Caban, California State University, Paper Title: Remembering All Sounds Possible in Play: An Overview of the Methodology and Use of Knight Thompson Speechwork

Presenter | Jennifer Toohey, Buffalo State College, Paper Title: Remembering All Sounds Possible in Play: An Overview of the Methodology and Use of Knight Thompson Speechwork

Hochelaga 4
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 2006

Adapt/Translate/Appropriate Roundtable Series: Reflections on Theatre-Making and Translation

Description | Practitioners and critics reflect on adapted, translated, and appropriated performances, focusing on the process, product, and the challenges/rewards of putting theory into practice.

Session Coordinator | Jane Barnette, University of Kansas

Presenters | Chris Martin, University of Kansas, Paper Title: Adaptation and Appropriation: How Scholarship Influenced Performance as a New Play was Created from Moliere's Tartuffe, Greg Aldrich, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Paper Title: Only a Fool Would Adapt The Idiot: Strategies, Theories, and Praxis on Adapting Dostoevsky, Annalisa Dias, The Catholic University of America, Paper Title: One Word More, Experimental Adaptation and Modes of Making Meaning, Daniel Smith, Michigan State University, Paper Title: Games of Adaptation: Christopher Hampton's Les Liaisons Dangereuses, So-Rim Lee, Stanford University, Paper Title: Ancient Text/Modern Performance: Translation and Adaptation in Peter Brook's Mahabharata, Matthew McMahan, Tufts University, Paper Title: Translating Cultural Difference: Luigi Riccoboni and the Nouveau Theatre Italien

Hochelaga 6
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 2909 C

Con/VER/sations: Texts and Traductions

Description | A speakers’ series of three single panel/roundtable sessions, entitled Con/VER/sations, showcasing ATHE honorees, guest speakers, workshop or performance artists from different nations, languages or cultures who are featured at the Montréal Conference.

Moderators | Erica Stevens Abbitt, University of Windsor, Emily Rollie, Monmouth College, Lionel Walsh, Vice President for 2015 Conference, University of Windsor

Presenters | Linda Gaboriau, Translator, Annie Gibson, Publisher, Playwrights Canada Press

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 3301

Digital Scholarship

Description | The session will explore how theatre scholars participate in and create digital humanities projects.

Session Coordinator | Soyica Colbert, Georgetown University

Session Chair | Naomi Stubbs

Presenters | Naomi Stubbs, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York, Elizabeth Dillion, Northeastern University, Anita Gonzalez, University of Michigan, Sarah Bay-Cheng, Bowdoin College, Scott Dexter, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Hochelaga 6
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 1601

The Memory of Trauma: Reclaiming experience and re-integrating the Wounded Warrior through the embodied performance of Shakespeare

Description | A presentation and demonstration of methodologies used by Feast of Crispian, an actor-run, arts-based intervention for military veterans dealing with symptoms of PTSD and reintegration issues.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Bill Watson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Paper Title: The Memory of Trauma: reclaiming experience and re-integrating the Wounded Warrior through the embodied performance of Shakespeare

Presenter | Nancy Smith-Watson, Paper Title: The Memory of Trauma: reclaiming experience and re-integrating the Wounded Warrior through the embodied performance of Shakespeare

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 1102

Book Discussion Roundtable: Marvin Carlson's The Haunted Stage

Description | This roundtable will re-remember Carlson's The Haunted Stage, paying particular attention to the ways in which Carlson's theories of ghosting applies to musical theatre.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Kathryn Edney, Regis College

Presenters | Christin Essin, Vanderbilt University, Karl Kippola, American University, Michelle Dvoskin, Western Kentucky University, Barrie Gelles, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Bryan Vandevender, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Amy Osatinski, University of Colorado Boulder

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 2805

Write from the Gut: Mobilizing Acting and Directing Coaching to Support Students' Academic Writing

Description | Training in acting and directing challenges students to communicate clearly and powerfully on stage. Nonetheless, the best actors and directors are not always the best academic writers. In this practical session, engage with theatrical approaches to developing, organizing, and writing thoughts on the page.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Michael Wilson, City University of New York School of Professional Studies M.A. in Applied Theatre, Paper Title: Writing for Actors and Non Actors

Presenter | Peter Friedrich, Millsaps College, Paper Title: From Stage to Page

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 601

The Peony Pavilion Costume Collaboration: The diaspora and understanding of primary source material via online technology

Description | Obtaining a cross-cultural understanding of foreign costume symbolism. A pedagogic approach in using online platforms to connect costume designers and makers in foreign theatrical programs.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Sarah Oliver, University of Missouri Kansas City, Assistant Professor Costume Technology

Presenters | Lauren Roark, University of North Carolina Pembroke, Lauren Gaston, Freelance Costume Designer, Paper Title: International Collaboration: Conceptual Design as Cultural Exchange

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 1409

Taking Things Very Seriously: Blasphemy and Secularity in Performance

Description | What constitutes secular blasphemy? In this roundtable, scholars discuss how performance can simultaneously violate and invigorate a sense of civic or cultural sacredness.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | John Fletcher, Louisiana State University

Presenters | Lance Gharavi, Arizona State University, Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College, Megan Sanborn Jones, Brigham Young University, Edmund Lingan, University of Toledo, William Doan, Penn State University

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 415

Rasaboxes, Devising, and Experiential Anatomy (a BMC approach). Part One

Description | This double session explores the intersection between rasaboxes, experiential anatomy (a BMC(r) approach), and the devising process. Part one will focus on rasaboxes and experiential anatomy and part two will focus on rasaboxes and devising.

Session Coordinator | Rachel Bowditch, Arizona State University, Paper Title: Priming the Rasaboxes:Physical Intensification through Applications of Experiential Anatomy (a BMC(r) approach)

Presenters | Joan Bruemmer, Naropa University, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Concordia University

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 6350

Remembering the Pedagogical Imperatives in Casting

Description | This panel explores how we remember and what is at stake both in casting practices and pedagogies of casting at our institutions.

Session Chair | Dave Peterson, Independent Scholar

Presenters | Claire Syler, University of Pittsburgh, Paper Title: Casting Kin: Clarifying Family Relationships in Performance, Lauren Shouse, Northwestern University, Paper Title: Consciously Remembering Naturalism in Casting Pedagogy, Michael Yawney, Florida International University, Paper Title: Teach me How To Be Black, Teach Me How To See Latino: Non-Traditional Casting in a Non-Traditional World, Rachel Bauer, University of Missouri Columbia, Paper Title: The Pedagogical Dangers of Type Casting: Body Image and Casting Practices in Educational Theatre

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 502

Black Performance: Acts of Remembering and Forgetting

Description | Black performance studies examines acts of memory. Our panel will consider not only how black performance recuperates but also how it facilitates forgetting histories.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Soyica Colbert, Georgetown University

Presenters | Douglas Jones, Rutgers University, Paper Title: "Against the Slave Narrative: Performance and Performativity in Antebellum Black Writing," Shane Vogel, Indiana University, Bloomington, Paper Title: "The Calypso Program: Race, Technology, Ethnography"

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 6315

Dangerous Memories, Distant Presents, and the Theater of Tarell Alvin McCraney

Description | This panel examines the ways that a daring engagement with memory and, correspondingly, time opens critical space for playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney to center questions of race, gender, class, and sexuality in his theatre-making process

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Isaiah Wooden, American University, Stanford University, Paper Title: Tarell Alvin McCraney's The Brothers Size and The Queerness of "Doing Time"

Presenters | David Roman, University of Southern California, Paper Title: "These Are The Things That Change Boys to Men": Music and Masculinity in Tarell Alvin McCraney's Choir Boy, Khalid Long, University of Maryland, College Park, Paper Title: "babies got some sunshine in 'em": Examining the Politics of Gender in Tarell Alvin McCraney's In the Red and Brown Water

Hochelaga 3
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1510

Senior Theatre Tips & Tricks

Description | Discuss the techniques that help directors create successful Senior Theatre. Share your insights or listen, learn, and ask questions.

Session Chair | Bonnie Vorenberg, President ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center

Presenters | Monciella Elder, Past Prime Players, Inc., "Directing Past Prime Players," Lois Dellar, Acting for Fun, "Directing Acting for Fun," Sandy & John Laszlo, Roswell Georgia Adult Recreation Center, "Directing Senior Theatre"

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 205

Haunting Histories: Negotiations of Identity through (Re)Constructions of Memory in Dramatic Literature and Performance

Description | This panel presents three studies that explore the staging and negotiation of trauma and tragedy in 20th century dramatic literature and performance.

Session Coordinator | Carrie Winship, University of Missouri, Paper Title: Looking in, Looking out, and Looking Forward: The Presentation of Japanese American Internment in the Plays of Hiroshi Kashiwagi

Session Chair | Cheryl Black, University of Missouri

Presenters | Joshua Horowitz, Miami University, Paper Title: The Ghosting of Donald Marguiles: Postmodern Holocaust Presences in What's Wrong with this Picture (1988) and Loman Family Picnic (1989), Joshua Polster, Emerson College, Paper Title: Tragedy at the Pan-American Exposition

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1407

Remembering the Past/Looking Forward to the Future: New Work in Religion and Theatre

Description | In this session, a range of scholars from graduate students to senior scholars will respond to exciting new publications in Religion and Theatre.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Megan Sanborn Jones, Brigham Young University

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 6352

Remembering to Be Creative: Teaching Techniques that Inspire Strong Risk-Taking

Description | Theatre people are regularly called upon to be creative, but what does that mean? How do you do this thing called creativity? How do we inspire truly creative solutions from our students? This is a panel discussion about teaching techniques that inspire strong student risk-taking and idea-generation. Panelists will also discuss techniques for overtly teaching the creative process.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Lynne Porter, Fairfield University, Paper Title: Designer as Creator: Owning the Design Process

Presenters | Suzanne Burgoyne, University of Missouri, Paper Title: Creative Thinking for Critical Thinking, Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Connecticut College, Paper Title: Getting Past the Fear

Hochelaga 3
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 2303

Lest We Forget: Women's Performed Memories as Resistance to Trauma

Description | This panel explores the ways women's performed illness and grief narratives act as a means to resist trauma, suggesting strategies and benefits to the teller.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Sarah Senff, University of Missouri, Paper Title: Theorizing Heteropathography: An Illness Observed, A Greif Performed

Presenters | Tessa W. Carr, Auburn University, Paper Title: Trauma, Hysteria, and the Female Body: Theorizing an Adrenaline Junkie, Joan Lipkin, That Uppity Theatre Company, Paper title: The Real Deal: A Devised Performance as Memory and Survival, Lou Clark, Arizona State University, Paper Title: Girls Get Stronger by Performing Grief: Health Benefits of Sharing Early Childhood Loss

Hochelaga 4
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1115

The Memory of Musical Movement: The Role of Musical Theatre Choreography in the Authorship and Visual Archive of a Musical

Description | This roundtable will explore issues surrounding the memory of original choreography in musical theatre. How does choreography intersect with authorship? When should original choreography be utilized/avoided?

Session Chair | Ryan McKinney, City University of New York - Kingsborough Community College

Presenters | Bud Coleman, University of Colorado Boulder, Paper Title: Replicating (or not) Original Choreography in Revivals, Karl Kippola, American University, Paper Title: "The Role of the Choreographer in the Authorship of a Musical", Mary Jo Lodge, Lafayette College, Paper Title: The Case for New Choreography in Musical Revivals, Dustyn Martincich, Bucknell University, Paper Title: Kinesthetic Quotation within Musical Theatre Choreography , Rene Pulliam, University of Mississippi, Paper Title: The Documentation and Recreation of Jerome Robbins' Choreography

Hochelaga 5
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 6320

Diversity Roundtable

Description | This session will re-envision ATHE and the field for the demographics and needs of the 21st century classroom. This session will include discussion, pedagogical workshops and other activities. All are welcome!

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Patricia Ybarra, Brown University

Presenters | Daniel Banks, DNA Works, Kelly Howe, Loyola University Chicago, Eunice Ferriera, Skidmore College, Aaron Thomas, Dartmouth College, Lisa Hagen-Hall, Utah Valley University, Becky Prophet, Alfred University, Noe Montez, Tufts University, Katheryn Ervin, California State University, San Bernadino

Hochelaga 6
5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 307

Memoirs and the Showa Crucible: Performer's Remembrances and/of mid-20th Century Japan

Description | The acts of remembering, re-membering, and re-constituting theatre in 20th century Japan are critical in the 1960s, 70s and 80s shift from shingeki to angura, or Little Theatre. The theatre that came after shingeki frequently older Japanese forms recombined with, or in reaction to, Western realism, Brecht, and Artaud.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | John Swain, Independent Scholar, Paper Title: Makishi Kshu: Acting to Remember Ryäkyä, a Life in UchinÑ-shibai (Okinawan Theatre)

Discussant | Cody Poulton, University of Victoria

Presenters | David Jortner, Baylor University, Paper Title: Recalled, Forgotten, Remembered: Omoidasu, Wasureru, and Oboeru in 1960s angura Theatre, Guohe Zheng, Ball State University, Paper Title: Hijikata Yoshi and Post-shingeki: Modern Japanese Theatre through the Lens of Memoirs

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1614

Yes Means Yes: Theatre as a Best Practice for Teaching Sexual Consent

Description | How can theatre help prevent, educate, and advocate for sexual consent? This panel explores practical ways to address sexual violence on campus.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Lisa Brenner, Drew University, Paper Title: Effective, Affirmative, and Enthusiastic Consent on Stage

Presenters | Reid Davis, St. Mary's College of California, Paper Title: Theatre and the Yes Means Yes Consent Campaign, Abigail Leeder, University of Oregon, Paper Title: Peer Education Through Theatre: the Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team, Michele Coleman, University of Toronto, Paper Title: Ethnographic Theatre and BDSM

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1211

Remembered Theatres: Memories of a Fictional/Theoretical Universe

Description | A performative lecture recounting a collection of factual and fictional memories of past performances. Occasional theoretical glosses ask questions of the nature of theatrical memory. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Daniel Sack, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Presenters | Rachel Joseph, Trinity University, Kyle Gillette, Trinity University, Rachel Anderson-Rabern, Franklin and Marshall College

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 2208

The Performance of Fluency: Actor Techniques and Language Learning

Description | This roundtable brings together a diverse group of ESL, acting, voice, and speech professors to discuss how their collaboration can help international students make dramatic improvements in language skills.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Deric McNish, Michigan State University, Paper Title: The Performance of Fluency

Presenters | Carmela Gillette, Michigan State University, Paper Title: International Students in Higher Education, Amy Mihyang, Vocal Context, Paper Title: Linguistic Imperialism and the EFL Learner, Suzanne Cerreta, Concordia University, Paper Title: The Spring Board Method, Dawn Sadoway, Saint Thomas University, Paper Title: Acting, Voice, and Speech for ESL Students, Nicole Servais, University of Delaware

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 6339

New Play Festivals: The Pedagogy of Play Development and Collaboration

Description | This panel discussion will focus on the university new play festival as a venue for developing both plays and student play-makers. Panelists of varied experiences and perspectives will explore the ways in which student playwrights, dramaturgs, and directors can be served both artistically and pedagogically by the new play festival.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Aoise Stratford, Cornell University

Presenters | Mark Charney, Texas Tech University, Jamie Rogers, Texas Tech University, George Pate, University of South Carolina, Beaufort, Megan Monaghan Rivas, Carnegie Mellon University, Erin Stoneking, Cornell University, Norman Bert, Texas Tech University, Nick Fesette, Cornell University

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 6358

Spotlight on New Works: Discussion of Newly Published Works in the Fields of American Theatre, African-American Theatre, and Latina/o Theatre

Sponsoring Focus Groups | Latina/Latino Focus Group, Black Theatre Association

Description | A lively discussion between interlocutors and authors of newly published works in American, African-American, and Latina/o Theatre. Authors respond to in-depth questions about their research questions, writing process, and manuscripts' publication process.

Session Coordinator | Jimmy Noriega, The College of Wooster

Participants |

Jean Graham-Jones, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Evita, Inevitably: Performing Argentina's Female Icons Before and After Eva Perón
Interlocutor: Kimberly Ramirez, LaGuardia CC- City University of NY

Gad Guterman, Webster University
Performance, Identity, and Immigration Law: A Theatre of Undocumentedness
Interlocutor: Tamara Underiner, Arizona State University

Sean Metzger, University of California, Los Angeles
Chinese Looks: Fashion, Race, and Performance
Interlocutor: Dorothy Chansky, Texas Tech University

Rick DesRochers, Long Island University Post
The New Humor in the Progressive Era: Americanization and the Vaudeville Comedian
Interlocutor: Cheryl Black, University of Missouri

Douglas A. Jones, Rutgers University
The Captive Stage: Performance and the Proslavery Imagination of the Antebellum North
Interlocutor: Jonathan Shandell, Arcadia University

Adrienne Macki Braconi, University of Connecticut
Harlem's Theaters: A Staging Ground for Community, Class, and Contradiction, 1923-1939
Interlocutor: Jonathan Shandell, Arcadia University

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 411

Memory Is Imagination in Reverse: Inspiring First Year Students

Description | Working with embodied memory, this highly physical workshop will use image as a source for impulse and physical scores to investigate creating structure from improvisation.

Session Coordinator | Kate Amory, Salem State University

Presenters | Liz Stanton, New York University, Paper Title: Impulse and Memory from Sensation, Jeremy Williams, Convergences Theatre Collective, Paper Title: Form and Content

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1701

Artistic Literacy/Aesthetic Legacies

Description | This roundtable will apply the principles in Nancy Kindelan's Artistic Literacy to teaching, critiquing, and inspiring work using the aesthetic legacies we remember/have received.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Kathy Privatt, Lawrence University

Presenters | Richard Major, Milligan College, Kathleen Sills, Merrimack College, Season Ellison, Northern Arizona University, Claire McDonald, University of Saint Thomas, Michelle Hayford, University of Dayton, Tim Good, DePauw University, Trish Ralph, The College at Brockport State University of New York, William Palmer, University of Missouri, Columbia, P. Gibson Ralph, State University of New York, Brockport, James Brandon, Hillsdale College

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 414

Rasaboxes, Devising, and Experiential Anatomy (a BMC approach), Part Two.

Description | This double session explores the intersection between rasaboxes, experiential anatomy and the devising process. Part two will focus on the devising process.

Session Coordinator | Ursula Neuerberg-Denzer, Concordia University, Montréal, Paper Title: Devising and Whispering: Rasaboxes Applied.

Presenter | Fernando Calzadilla, Miami Theater Center, Paper Title: Breaking Away from the Stereotypical

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 1004

From Triage to Marriage: Teaching GLBTQ Theatre and Film History

Description | Panelists with experience teaching GLBTQ Film and Theatre will share their syllabi and ideas for how to best represent the complexity of GLBTQ films and plays.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Jeff McMahon, Arizona State University

Presenters | Laura Dougherty, Winthrop University, Darren Blaney, University of Miami, Florida, Jordan Schildcrout, State University of New York, Purchase, Brian Herrera, Princeton University, Sarah Schulman, City University of New York, Staten Island

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 6370

Writing and Producing Dramatized Narrative from Interviews: Three Playcraft Models

Description | Workshop in creating plays from community-based stories: strategies for writing and producing documentary narratives from the interview and transcription process to various forms of dramatic presentation.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Linda Bannister, Loyola Marymouth University, Paper Title: Writing and Producing Dramatized Narrative from Interviews: Three Playcraft Models

Presenters | Judith Royer, Loyola Marymount University, Paper Title: Producing Testimonial Theatre from Community-Based Sources, Leslie Ferreira, Los Angeles Theatre Academy

5:45 pm - 7:15 pm 713

Re-Remembering: Challenges and Opportunities in Staging Contemporary Adaptation

Description | Adaptation invites an audience to recollect, to revisit, to re-remember something familiar. Existing as both a reference to the past and a thing in and of itself, successful adaptation requires careful translation of context, genre, theme, and storytelling.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Melanie Dreyer-Lude, Missouri State University, Paper Title: Translating Cultural Context: Film to Stage Adaptations of La journee de la jupe

Presenters | Anne Fliotsos, Purdue University, Paper Title: Original Practices Research: Revisiting Three Lords and Three Ladies of London (1588), William Lewis, University of Colorado Boulder, Paper Title: Implications of Re-Interpreting an Unfinished Fragment: New Media and Georg Buchner’s Woyzeck

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1209

Performing Infrastructural Memory, Remembering Infrastructural Performance

Description | This panel examines the performed dimensions of law, political economy, and activist social institutions as three scenes of and technologies for infrastructural memory.

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Patrick McKelvey, Brown University, Paper Title: Hopelessly Cosmetic?: Fashioning the National Task Force for Disability and the Arts

Session Chair | Jon Rossini, University of California, Davis

Presenters | Jasmine Mahmoud, Northwestern University, Paper Title: An Isolated Alternative: Experimentation in Post-Collapse Seattle, Kelly Howe, Loyola University Chicago, Paper Title: "I'm Just a Bill, Yes I'm Only a Bill": "Failed" or Withdrawn Bills or Amendments as Activist Performers in Reproductive Rights Movements

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 308

Middle Eastern and Middle-Eastern-American Theatre and Performance

Description | Panelists address remembering and performance as it relates to Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and the Lebanese-American experience.

Session Coordinators, Chairs & Presenters | James Al-Shamma, Belmont University, Paper Title: The Birth of Modern Iraqi Theatre: Church Drama in Mosul in the Late Nineteenth Century, Fatima Madani, Arizona State University, Paper Title: Remembering Mourning Mothers of Iran

Presenters | Marjan Moosavi, University of Toronto, Paper Title: War on the Iranian Stage: Theatricalization of Enshrined and Condemned Memories, Gibson Cima, Tufts University, and Samer Al-Saber, Davidson College, Woza Palestine: Palestinian Performances of South African Protest Plays, Kate Wilson, City University of New York, Paper Title: Tabouli Tours: Memory and Forgetting in the Lebanese American Stage Comedy Um Hussein

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1606

I Remember this Place: Site-Specific Performance and Performing Community Memory

Description | This panel examines how people and places, dreams and memories, past and future are tied together in a complex tapestry of human experience.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Nadja Masura, Virtual Performance Collective

Presenters | Ann Armstrong, Miami University of Ohio,Paper Title: Performing Freedom Summer, Imagining Justice: Site- Specific Engagements with the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement, Lisa Biggs, Michigan State University, Paper Title: Awuleth umshini wami (Bring me my machine gun): The role of performance in South African women's liberation, Sabrina Peck, Cornerstone Theater Company, Paper Title: The Cornerstone Theater Company: Location in Story-Telling

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 106

Character: Accessing Authentic Memory Experience Through Process Drama

Description | Remember the past to define the future through process drama. Explore strategies that deepen acting choices, and enhance the ability to powerfully teach our craft.

Session Coordinator | Marjorie Gaines, California State University, Northridge

Presenter | Margaret Boersma, Freelance Educational Consultant

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 412

Moving Memory: Trauma in Training and Performance

Description | If trauma resides in the body as well as the psyche, what are the issues that arise from working with the body and how can we address them?

Session Coordinator | Chelsea Pace, North Dakota State University, Paper Title: Staging Sex and Violence: Practice and practicalities for audience and performer

Presenters | Tom Truss, New Zealand School of Dance and Toi Whaakari National School of Drama, Paper Title: Habits and How they get in the way of Memory, Rachelle Palnick Tsachor, University of Illinois at Chicago, Paper Title: Encountering memories of physical trauma/sensation in training, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Concordia University, Paper Title: Emotion and Memory, Mimesis and Memory, or Cultural Memory

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 208

Re: Thinking Women—Female Detectives, Scholars, and Playwrights in the American Theatre

Description | This panel re-thinks how "thinking women" function in the American theatre, on-stage and off-stage, in their roles as detectives, scholars, and playwrights.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Jordan Schildcrout, Purchase College, State University of New York, Paper Title: The Bat: Mary Roberts Rinehart and the Spinster Detective in Broadway's First Long-Running Thriller

Presenters | Rose Malague, University of Pennsylvania, Paper Title: Sex, Marriage, and the Feminist Scholar Onstage, Sharon Green, Davidson College, Paper Title: The Kilroys, Gender Equity, and the State of Women's Writing on the American Stage

Hochelaga 3
7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1809

Theatre History Focus Group Debut Panel

Description | This session presents the selected finalists of the Theatre History Focus Group Debut Panel.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Sam O'Connell, Worcester State University

Respondent | James Peck, Muhlenberg College

Presenters | Elizabeth Coen, University of Washington, Paper Title: Remembering the Dream of National Theater in 18th Century Germany, Kelley Holley, Paper Title: Stories of Those Longing To Belong: Mythologization and Self-Authorship in Welsh Theatre , Jennifer Thompson, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Paper Title: The Public as Umpire: Performance and the Public Sphere in the Early American Republic

Hochelaga 4
7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1403

Re-presenting Anamnesis: The Stage and Theological Memory

Description | Combining scholarship and performance, we juxtapose pieces from Jerzy Grotowski, Tennessee Williams, and Ed Iskandar with the liturgical concept "anamnesis"—memory more re-presented than recalled.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Charles Gillespie, University of Virginia, Paper Title: A (Theological) Memory Play: The Glass Menagerie and Theatrical Anamnesis

Presenters | Justin Kosec, Independent Scholar, Paper Title: Profane Reliquaries, or, What Grotowski's 'Body-Memory' Offers Christian Liturgy, Justin Crisp, Yale University, Paper Title: What a Transport of Delight: Resurrection, the Theatre, and the Passion of Memory

Hochelaga 6
7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1103

Dancing on the Borders of the Musical

Description | This panel examines creative work involving dance, including dance music composition, movement staging and performer training, that crosses traditional boundaries in musical theatre.

Session Coordinator & Chair | Mary Jo Lodge, Lafayette College

Presenters | Paul Laird, University of Kansas, Paper Title: The Dance Music in West Side Story in Composition and Orchestration: Lenny's Perpetual Presence, Joanna Dee Das, Stanford University, Paper Title: Choreographing Against the Grain: Dance in Early African American Musicals, Ryan Donovan, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Paper Title: Dance Across Disciplines: Blurred Boundaries of Dance on Broadway Then and Now

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 801

Between Cultures, Countries, and Constituencies: A Staged Reading Curated by the Dramaturgy Focus Group

Description | Between Cultures, Countries, and Constituencies offers the reading of a new translation of a little-known or long-forgotten play, selected through a competitive curation process.

Play | Le Danger des Liaisons by Madame de Beaunoir (1783?)

Translator | Daniel Smith, Michigan State University

Session Coordinator & Chair | Carrie J Cole, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

7:20 pm - 8:50 pm 1704

Edinburgh Fringe Fest and Other Opportunities at Home and Abroad: Enriching Our Students' Present and Future with Theatre Beyond Traditional Curriculum

Description | Panelists will describe various opportunities that they have created for their students to see and to participate in theatre beyond the offerings of the traditional college curriculum and theatre seasons.

Session Coordinator, Chair & Presenter | Monica Anderson, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Presenters | Julie Mollenkamp, University of Central Missouri, James Brandon, Hillsdale College, Barbara Parisi, Long Island University, Brooklyn

7:20 pm - 10:00 pm 1301

ATHE Award for Excellence in Playwriting (AEP) Award Staged Reading Performance

Description | The Playwrights and Creative Teams focus group presents a public staged-reading performance of the winner of the new ATHE Award for Excellence in Playwriting.

Session Chair & Program Coordinator
Daniel L. Patterson, Keene State College

New Plays Production Coordinators
Judith Royer, Loyola Marymount University
Ingrid DeSanctis, James Madison University

On-Site Production Coordinators
Ingrid DeSanctis, James Madison University
Aisling Galvin, Loyola Marymount University

2015 Winner: The Second Girl, by Ronan Noone, Boston University
Alternate Winner: Unraveled, by Jennifer Blackmer

Anne Healy, University of Texas, Arlington

Assistant Director
Andrew Christopher Gaupp, University of Texas, Arlington

Norman A. Bert, Texas Tech University

Juliet Wunsch, West Chester University

Dan Burkarth, Freelance
Kari Hatfield, Abilene Christian University
Sheila Hickey Garvey, Southern Connecticut State University
Chelsea Prettyman, Freelance

Session Coordinator & Presenter | Daniel L. Patterson, Keene State College

7:30 pm 504

Black Theatre Association (BTA) Networking Dinner

Description | Networking opportunities for faculty, graduate students and others interested in BTA and mentoring up-and-coming artists and scholars of Black Theatre. Individuals pay for own meal and beverages. Meet in the hotel lobby. Dinner location TBA.

Session Coordinator | Jonathan Shandell, Arcadia University

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm 1509

Senior Theatre Focus Group Dinner and Meeting

Description | Meet at dinner to learn about the Focus Group and how you can contribute to its goals, leadership, and future plans. Discover Senior Theatre news and trends.

Session Chair | Barbara Parisi, Focus Group Rep, Long Island University Brooklyn Campus

Presenters | Bonnie Vorenberg, Focus Group Conference Planner, ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center

9:00 pm - 10:30 pm 2922

Judith Thompson reading her one-woman play, Watching Glory Die

Description | A riveting yet deeply compassionate portrait of three women inextricably linked by shared helplessness in the face of tragedy, Watching Glory Die takes a bold dramatic leap from recent news headlines in Canada to forge the kind of visceral lyricism that is the hallmark of Judith Thompson at her most powerful.

Watching Glory Die is essential Canadian theatre – Mooney on Theatre

A highly esteemed Canadian playwright, Judith Thompson is the recipient of two Governor General’s Literary Awards for Drama and is an Officer in the Order of Canada. Her plays include The Crackwalker, White Biting Dog, Lion in the Streets, Such Creatures and Palace of the End.

Session Coordinator | Lionel Walsh, Vice President for 2015 Conference, University of Windsor

Le Grand Salon

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