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Dream/Wish Post-Its from the 2014 Business Meeting
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7/27/2014 at 10:35:28 PM GMT
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Dream/Wish Post-Its from the 2014 Business Meeting

The Post-It notes from our membership meeting have been transcribed and posted below. I grouped them by topic, so know that the only writing below that is mine is in all caps for the headings. 

    • More WTP-LGBTQ collaboration
    • More co-events, esp. with WTP
    • More crossover with BTA


    • More parties hosted by Kareem
    • A party at every conference
    • Social
    • Giant cabaret with both emerging and professional artists
    • Cabaret
    • More performance workshops (or any performance workshops) related to LGBTQ issues
    • Devising Queer Performance workshop
    • Performance/project showcacasing venue


    • Queer excursions in host city
      • Performance
      • "The Village"
    • Field trips to local theatres/clubs
    • In Montréal - attend gay-themed and mission theatre company


    • The option of rockstar senior scholars in the field giving substantive feedback as respondents to all panels.
    • LOVE the bringing rockstar idea. No book club, though. What about USING their scholarship and responding?
    • Recruiting and funding and flying radical QTPOC artists and activist tars for special panels.
      • Darkmatter, JesTom, TWOCC, Kay Clanday Barrett, kt shorb
    • Rockstar performers as well as scholars
      • Split Britches
      • Holly Hughes
      • Lisa Kron
      • Mo Angelos
      • ETC!!!
    • Panel with major gay/lesbian playwright - Kushner level
    • Bring RuPaul to conference
    • Hero panelists:
      • Peggy Phelan
      • Jill Dolan
    • Discussion with well-known scholars on their work in a low-key fashion - not a speech panel, but discussion group
  • More discussion
  • A focus group blog where members can post about what they've read, seen, and done
    • Publishing - a low-cost collection of papers from our panels each year
    • Group publishing
    • The Musical Theatre/Dance focus group has a standing relationship with Studies in Musical Theatre to publish debut panel essays. I would like to do something like this!
    • Start our own digital, peer-reviewed journals.
    • Publication of Focus Group papers from different conferences (i.e. not one year)
  • FOOD
    • Free food. Forever.
    • Lunch provided at the Biznis mtg
    • MOAR FUD PLZ! (buffets or something?)
    • Panel on new works (artistic and/or research) in progress - why do we only shore the final and complete? Collaborate and respond.
    • Panel/space to share research being developed now and space to share related research, other resources, etc.
  • More trans-identified focus group members
  • Staged reading of underrepresented queer voice
  • More direct interaction between graduate students and experienced leaders in the group and ATHE at large.
  • Panel on lesbians in musical theatre with Stacy Wolf as respondent - co-sponsored by LGBTQ, MTR/D, and WTP!
  • Roundtable book discussion
  • Inclusive social events announced to everyone
  • I liked manifestos
  • LGBTQ playwriting award like Jane Chambers
  • Live-streaming of conference for those who can't attend - or at least papers
  • More theory panels

8/4/2014 at 3:59:48 PM GMT
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With the conference in Montreal next year, I would suggest a couple of possibilities for rockstar performers:

Brendan Healey
Sky Gilbert
Brad Fraser
Michel Tremblay
Michel Marc Bouchard
Robert LePage
Hillar Litoja

And for rockstar theorists, getting Sue Golding, who currently teaches in England, would be a real coup.

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