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Ideas for ATHE 2018 (from Vegas Membership Meeting)
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10/4/2017 at 5:29:40 AM GMT
Ideas for ATHE 2018 (from Vegas Membership Meeting)

November 1 is the deadline to submit proposals for the 2018 ATHE conference in Boston!  To help jumpstart your brainstorming and proposal-creating, here are the ideas generated at the DP Membership meeting in Las Vegas.  


Conference Planning for 2018 – Brainstorming

I.              THEME – Theatres of Revolution: Performance, Pedagogy, and Protest

a.    Future pre-con or double paid session – pairing with ATME & SAFD, huge intensive on fight choreography, safety, hiring guest artists & Intimacy choreography (Acting would be on board)

b.    KJ Sanchez

c.    Donald and Devising

d.    Covert/Subversive Protest Theatre (how to do the work as non-tenure faculty) – how to incorporate into curriculum/season

e.    Not just mentor option, but peer review option (for bigger ATHE) - Session on how to peer review directing work as research

f.     Bubble – our responsibility in telling stories (who may do it?), community-engaged directing

g.    Role of Assistant or Associate Director – career path (SDC collab)

h.    Casts revolting

i.      Quiet room – recorded SDC podcast?

j.      How we work in the room when material is demanding (with Dramaturgy); artifact that could be pulled apart and problematized

k.    Protest resistance on campus and beyond, reaching outside “normal” theater audiences

 l.      Theatre classroom as site for protest pedagogy – critical literacy

m.  Devil’s advocate – how do we keep communication lines open

n.    When you create collaboratively, who gets ownership as it lives on

       - Transparency agreements / guidelines for directors working on new projects

                  -  Invite Acting and other focus groups

                  -  Devising theatrical protest (SDC collab?)

o.    Appropriation, revolutionizing canonical texts

p.    Global scope? Protest theater as immersive theater

q.    From Safe Space to Risky Play

r.     *2020 Detroit – tunnel to Canada (University of Windsor for pre-con) – explore an international theme/ border

s.     Digital storytelling techniques (transmedia)

t.     How to deal with reactionary public to academic pursuits (threats); local vs. national protest/resistance and how they impact each other

u.    Director’s responsibility in response to protest/resistance

v.    Dichotomy between revolution/protest and reality of working with company of students & their capabilities

w.  In defense of entertainment

x.    *Get Reverend Billy to give keynote?

y.    New practices that aren’t on the radar (i.e. micro theater)

z.     How do we protect student actors in revolutionary theater making?

Information on Submitting Panels:

-       Can have Panel Chair + Session Coordinator

-       FULL panels submit on ATHE website

aa. Deadline November 1st

bb. Guidelines should be on website for submission (FAQs)

cc. Look at the form first! Then reach out to collaborators

dd.Full Panel proposals only, use Directing page to offer up ideas and seek collaborators/panelists

ee.   Careful use of A/V (very costly)


10/4/2017 at 12:26:20 PM GMT
Fulbright Proposal Panel

HI All-

It has been about 6+ years I think since there has been a session geared toward Fulbright proposals. If any DP Fulbrighters are out there who would like to join in a panel designed to give insight into the application process and to help participants develop their ideas, please email me at


David Kaye

University of New Hampshire

David Kaye, University of New Hampshire

10/5/2017 at 3:33:07 AM GMT
Interest in assistant/associate director paths?
I am looking for the person or people that posted the idea of creating a presentation at ATHE in Boston this year.  I am interested in collaborating with someone or several folks on the suggested panel in the ATHE Directing Focus Group brainstorming session on "the role of assistant versus associate director career path (possible collaboration with Stage directors and choreographers group).” 
Not sure how to tie it in to the theme this year for ATHE but I could speak on the importance of being a part of the SDC for the academic career path. Perhaps we could gather members who could explain the difference of memberships and someone who is on the professional theatre side of the organization. Just getting ideas. I have sent out a call to Marisa Levy from SDC organization as well. Can anyone assist me?

I am a new associate member of SDC organization, a U professor and interested in seeking professional directing roles during the summer months when I am not teaching. I would love to be part of a presentation in Boston. 

I am the focus group rep for Acting which limits my schedule a bit at the conference but I would love to get more involved with the Directing group as well. 

Contact information: Siobhan Bremer,

10/5/2017 at 3:39:15 AM GMT
Directors/Designers/Dramaturgs discuss cultural appropriation on the stage?

My colleague, Christina Barrigan (a most fabulous lighting designer), is interested in gathering a group of designers, directors, and dramaturgs for a roundtable to explore issues related to cultural appropriation on stage, particularly in academic theatre.  

Anyone interested should contact Christina:

10/15/2017 at 3:02:35 PM GMT
Production = Pedagogy?

Looking for anyone interested in being part of a roundtable about strategies for integrating pedagogy into the production process before—and after—opening. How have you been able to make production a more effective pedagogical tool?

Email me at if you are interested.



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