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2015 Conference Ideas Discussion
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Seeking Panelists - Multi-disciplinary: Integration in Acting Training 0 K. Dana, SMU, Meadows School of the Arts Voice/Movement/Acting:  Can or should the divisionist model survive in an integrating world? Chaired by Scott Miller, Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts  Seeking presenters from various disciplines including (but not limited to) Voice, Movement and Acting to form a Panel Discussion/Roundtable exploring Integration in Acting Training. The discussion will focus on whether the traditional conservatory actor training approach, whereby disciplines are divided into the departments of Acting, Movement and Voice, is still the most effective and efficient model for actor training in America. Areas of discussion may include: the history of how the divisionist model came to be, the roles of voice/speech, movement and acting teaching professionals in the traditional model, the changing landscape of education in general and how that might effect models moving forward, how/if integration serves breaking down old barriers and how can the teaching professional navigate this evolution "safely." If interested in contributing, please forward a short bio, contact information, and an abstract of your perspective/how you might contribute as part of this panel to Kristi Dana at no later than 12pm on Sunday, November 1st.  Feel free to email for further question and/or to share ideas. Sincerely,                                                                                            Kristi Dana --------------------------------------------------------- Adjunct Associate Professor, Voice & Speech, Acting MFA, MA, BFA Programs Long Island University, Post  Miller Voice Method (mVm), Teaching Apprentice (2014-2016),  mentored by Scott Miller, hosted in part at the  Graduate Acting Program at NYU | Tisch School of the Arts  ( Officer, ATHE Conference Planner for VASTA, 2015-2017 Voice and Speech Trainers Association
by K. Dana, SMU, Meadows School of the Arts
Saturday, October 31, 2015
2015 Conference Ideas Discussion 2 S. Bremer, University of Minnesota, Morris Many of us who have dedicated ourselves to acting, performance, and/or the theatre as a whole have done so because we remember a feeling of exhilaration when we were onstage and all internal and external elements came together in what was, or seemed, a perfect efficiency.  Nothing we could do was wrong.  We were completely in the moment.  We were one with, the play, our partners, the audience, and ourselves.  Having had this experience we have sought to relive this memory as many times as possible.  In some cases we have learned and been able to do this regularly.  We have studied and/or developed techniques to put us in this state of our own accord as opposed to it being a happy accident, a state that some call “the zone”, unconscious, flow, or optimal experience.   My research partner and I are currently studying how work in the Psychology of Optimal Experience (flow) can illuminate elements of Stanislavski’s system and its application.  I am interested in assembling a panel of three to four individuals working in same, similar, or related areas. My sense is that depending on the final content of the work to be presented this panel could be housed in the Acting Program, Performance Studies, Theory and Criticism, or as a Multi-disciplinary.  Broad umbrella topics could be:   ·      Stanislavsky and Psychology ·      The Psychology of Acting ·      Acting and Cognitive Studies OR Psychology ·      Acting and Positive Psychology ·      How developments in other non-performance fields illuminates acting theory and practice ·      Performance Psychology ·      Psychology in Theatre (this could include things like someone working on Audience Psychology, Character Psychology, Plays about Psychology)   Anyone interested is discussing possibilities please contact me as soon as possible at  
by F. Polanco
Monday, October 13, 2014

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