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Gloria Waldman - seeking participants, ATHE 2015
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Seeking Proposals For “Adjudicated Acting Exercises Debut Panel" 0 F. Polanco Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference, 2016 WHEN: Aug. 11-14, 2016 WHERE: Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. SUBJECT: Acting Focus Group Seeking Proposals For “Adjudicated Acting Exercises Debut Panel” The Acting Focus Group of the ATHE seeks submissions for it’s adjudicated double session panel. The session will offer an opportunity for Acting Teachers to impart exercises that they have created or adapted from their original style. All submitted exercises for presentation will be peer reviewed. In addition, the selected presenters will be able to obtain direct responses from their ATHE colleagues to refine and expand their pedagogical research. We seek submissions from members who have not presented at ATHE and experienced presenters. Please send submissions to Lesley-Ann Timlick at Due Date: Oct. 20, 2015. Please send a MS word doc. that includes the following information:  Name and contact information (Cell Phone and email):   The exercise name:   Brief description of the exercise with outcomes (no more than one page please) Exercise should be no longer than 15 minutes in length.   Have you ever presented at ATHE before, if so how many times?   How does the exercise meet the requirements of “new” or adapted?   Will it require any materials to present (i.e. projector, boom box, white board etc.)?
by F. Polanco
Friday, August 21, 2015
ATHE 2015 CFP: Feminist Pedagogies 0 J. Del Vecchio Fantasy Feminisms: Remembering and Reimagining Feminist PedagogiesIn response to ATHE 2015’s conference theme, Je me souviens (“I remember”), this roundtable seeks to foster a community that reflects on their experiences of teaching theatre and performance with feminist intentions. We invite participants to remember a course or particular moment in a course---an assignment, a lesson plan, a discussion of a text or performance, for instance---that stands out as a success or a failure of feminist pedagogy. What did you do, what were your intentions, and what would you do differently in retrospect? We encourage participants to collect digital “souvenirs” to share---assignment sheets or (with students’ permission) examples of student writing, videos, images of projects, etc.---to enrich our conversation and to create an archive of feminist teaching practices. We seek participants eager to discuss such questions as:How do pedagogies that explicitly engage race, sexual and gender identity, ethnicity, and class, for example, intersect with feminisms in the classroom? How do feminist pedagogies work in practice-based classrooms? (This could address acting, directing, or design classes.) In what ways can digital connectivity be harnessed for sustained engagement and meaningful student learning in the classroom? This session builds on the ATHE 2014 Women and Theatre roundtable “Fantasy Feminisms: Dreaming of the Perfect Syllabus” in which five participants shared syllabi and assignment strategies on the blog This year, we will ask participants to post a 200-400 word reflection on the blog one month prior to the conference. At the conference, participants will share their memories and souvenirs with each other and the audience. The remainder of the session will be dedicated to a roundtable discussion of feminist classroom practices, allowing ample time for audience observations and contributions.If interested, please submit an abstract that includes the title of your course and a 1-3 sentence description of the memory you would like to present to and by Monday, October 27th.
by J. Del Vecchio
Monday, October 13, 2014
Test response to Gloria's query 5 I. Mayorga Thanks for the feedback Trevor - yes, please play and explore and offer feedback. I encourage it as this is all new format. I am also getting the sense that the blogs as posts and response areas may be more amenable to the conversation process of forming panels. This has yet to prove itself, it's just a sense right now. Thanks!
by I. Mayorga
Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Memory and Nostalgia in Latin American and/or US Latino/a Theatre 0 G. Waldman I am proposing a panel called Memory and Nostalgia in Latin American and/or  US Latino/a TheatreJorge Huerta has offered to chair.Claudia Villegas-SIlva is in.  Topic to followGloria Waldman, Memories of a Theatre Critic (El Diario/La Prensa, NYC, El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico) : Iconic moments in Contemporary Latino and Latin America theatre from the 60's to the present.Who else is interested?  I need to know immediately. Between singing, dancing and moving back to Florida on October 15, this has to be done and it looks like I'm the one doing it.What I need from y'all is: Name, Affiliation(no titles), Presentation Title, Email and Phone Number.You can respond to my email also:
by G. Waldman
Monday, September 29, 2014
Archives Panel at ATHE 0 T. Boffone  Is anyone interesting in collaborating on an ATHE panel about archives, memory, and creating archives/memories for future generations? What will we choose to archive? What legacy will we leave for the next generation? How can we rethink archives and archiving methods?About my project - I am working on Teatro in East Los Angeles and Josefina Lopez's work there mentoring and using theater as a way to revitalize the barrio. For this panel, I was thinking of exploring about playwrights having designated scholars to be the "formal keeper" of their archives, especially the matter of doing archival research in the 21st century, including digital culture. And I would like to talk about the importance of archiving what is happening now so we can create memory for the future.Let me know if you're interested.
by T. Boffone
Sunday, September 28, 2014

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