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DP Membership Meeting Minutes (2016 & beyond)
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This blog hosts the Meeting Minutes from DP Membership meetings at ATHE, starting in 2016.


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DP Membership Meeting #2 Minutes, 2017 (Las Vegas)

Posted By Emily Rollie, Central Washington University, Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Attached are the minutes from the second DP Membership Meeting in Las Vegas (2017).  This meeting was primarily dedicated to brainstorming ideas for the 2018 conference, which may prove very useful as we get closer to the November 1 panel submission deadline!

DP Membership Meeting #2 - Saturday, 5 August

I. Welcome
a. Meeting called to order at 11:18am
b. End early to network and talk possible proposals for next year
c. Will spoke of Communications ideas – send him updates on what you’re doing, he’ll post to FG site on ATHE (he’ll provide guidelines)
d. Join the DP so you will get emails/newsletter 
II. Pre-conference Planning for 2018
a. Hands on, “how to” (not academic? Maybe include some?)
i. Create immersion theater and perform during conference “Lexus version” 
ii. Or keep it contained, “Corolla version”
b. Acting Focus Group already committed
c. Interactive Theater, Theatre Studies, Voice, Movement, DesignTech all possible collaborators (TASC too?)
d. Weave throughout conference? Allows for participants to choose how to experience
e. Perhaps utilize an existing immersion model already out there
f. For whom is this tale told? Need to sort out audience
g. “T” party 
h. Bring in a company to hold a pre-con workshop, and have them put up performance during regular conference?
i. Educational component + Exploration/Doing of
j. Committee Members: Will Lewis, Gina Braswell, David Kay
III. Conference Planning for 2018 – Brainstorming
a. THEME – Theatres of Revolution: Performance, Pedagogy, and Protest
b. Future pre-con or double paid session – pairing with ATME & SAFD, huge intensive on fight choreography, safety, hiring guest artists & Intimacy choreography (Acting would be on board)
c. KJ Sanchez 
d. Donald and Devising
e. Covert/Subversive Protest Theatre (how to do the work as non-tenure faculty) – how to incorporate into curriculum/season 
f. Not just mentor option, but peer review option (for bigger ATHE)
i. Session on how to peer review directing work as research
g. Bubble – our responsibility in telling stories (who may do it?), community-engaged directing
h. Role of Assistant or Associate Director – career path (SDC collab)
i. Casts revolting 
j. Quiet room – recorded SDC podcast?
k. How we work in the room when material is demanding (with Dramaturgy); artifact that could be pulled apart and problematized
l. Protest resistance on campus and beyond, reaching outside “normal” theater audiences
i. Didn’t use theatrical conventions to best reach/spread message
m. Theatre classroom as site for protest pedagogy – critical literacy
n. Devil’s advocate – how do we keep communication lines open
o. When you create collaboratively, who gets ownership as it lives on 
i. Transparency agreements / guidelines for directors working on new projects
ii. Invite Acting and other focus groups
iii. Devising theatrical protest (SDC collab?)
p. Appropriation, revolutionizing canonical texts
q. Global scope? Protest theater as immersive theater
r. From Safe Space to Risky Play
s. *2020 Detroit – tunnel to Canada (University of Windsor for pre-con) – explore an international theme/ border
t. Digital storytelling techniques (transmedia)
u. How to deal with reactionary public to academic pursuits (threats); local vs. national protest/resistance and how they impact each other
v. Director’s responsibility in response to protest/resistance
w. Dichotomy between revolution/protest and reality of working with company of students & their capabilities 
x. In defense of entertainment
y. *Get Reverend Billy to give keynote?
z. New practices that aren’t on the radar (i.e. micro theater)
i. Maybe part of the newsletter
aa. How do we protect student actors in revolutionary theater making?
IV. Network Now!
V. Heads up on Submitting Panels!
a. Panel Chair 
b. Submit on ATHE website
c. Deadline November 1st
d. Guidelines should be on website for submission (FAQs)
e. Look at the form first! Then reach out to collaborators
f. Minutes will be put on Directing page, so you can see our brainstorm list
g. Full Panel proposals only, use Directing page to offer up ideas and seek collaborators/panelists
h. Careful use of A/V (very costly)
VI. Close Meeting at 12:25pm


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DP Membership Meeting #1 Minutes, 2017 (Las Vegas)

Posted By Emily Rollie, Central Washington University, Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Attached are the minutes from the first DP Membership Meeting at the Las Vegas Conference (August 2017).  Minutes are also included below, albeit in less-than-appealing visual format.

Business Meeting #1 – August 4, 2017
Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas, NV

I. Welcome
II. Introductions
a. General introductions of everyone in attendance
b. Introduction of the officers:
i. Emily – FG Rep
ii. Lewis McGruder - Former FG Rep
iii. Kathleen McGeever – Conference Planner
iv. Karen Dabney - Secretary
v. Tommy Costello – Treasurer
vi. Will Lewis – Grad Rep
vii. Absent – Ann Shanahan (Former FG Rep)
III. Approval of the Agenda for 2017 Meeting #1
a. Emily sent them out prior to the conference 
b. Motion to approve, second, all in favor
IV. Approval of the Minutes from 2016 (Meetings 1 & 2)
a. Emily sent them out prior to the conference (on FG ATHE site)
b. Motion to approve minute, second, all but one in favor (abstain – Brian from Cali?)
V. Ann Shanahan visits
a. SDC Journal
i. Been going strong for 3 years
ii. Cocktail hour at 9pm tonight as part of ATHE After Dark (on a wait list now)
iii. Special thanks to Travis Malone and Anne Fliotsis 
iv. David Callahan step in as co-editor with Ann
v. Kathleen now book review editor, Emily associate book review editor
vi. Call for submissions
vii. Working on affordable Associate memberships
b. 2018 Conference update (Ann is VP for Boston conference)
i. Theme: Theatres of Revolution: Performance, Pedagogy, and Protest
ii. Boston – site of multiple performances of revolution (historical and contemporary)
iii. Call for proposals – through Focus Groups (p16-17 of program)
VI. New Business
a. Election & Nomination of Officers (2017-2019)
i. Treasurer: Tommy Costello, Dana Resnick
ii. Publicity/Communications: Will Lewis
iii. Grad Representative: Niki Tulk, Joelle Arp Dunham
iv. Regional Directors Series (informal Boston connections): Kathleen Sills, David Kay
VII. Conference Planner Report (Kathleen)
a. Recognize Debut Panelists – Gina Braswell, Marla Schultz, Guy Zimmerman
i. Large number of strong proposals
ii. Financial incentive for debut scholars ($100 each) – spread the word!
b. Pre-conference Recap
i. Recognize panelists – Joelle Arp Dunham, Deborah Martin, Laura Rikard, Michael Rau
ii. Keynote Speaker – John Gruber, General SM for Cirque’s Michael Jackson ONE
iii. Half-day, so folks could take part of other pre-conferences
c. Additional conference updates
i. Pre-conference ideas: David Kay & Jeanie’s brainchild – focus on immersion theater (possibly develop and present at ATHE proper); Acting is on board, Design/Interactive Theater/VASTA might be approached
VIII. DP Focus Group Rep Report (Emily)
a. 2018 Conference update/highlights
i. 2018 Boston, 2019 Orlando, 2020 Detroit, 2021 up for grabs 
b. Plan to make more ATHE events/opportunities throughout the year beyond conference
c. Digital Humanities
d. Adjunct Labor survey in final stages to be written up, going into a White Paper to be posted on ATHE website
e. VP for Advocacy & committee – uploading guides online (i.e. indigenous performance)
f. Complications with Programming/Program printing – ATHE actively working on it 
g. By Law change that Patricia Ybarra will put out at Business Meeting – Members at Large should now be voted on (3 of the 4); 1 voted by FG Reps
h. Establish Mentorship program within DP
IX. Financial Report (Tommy)
a. We’re at $0
X. Grad Rep Report (Will)
a. Doubled number of debut submissions over the last two years
b. Lack of grad students/ early career faculty members attending DP meetings/panels
XI. Elections
a. Positions
i. Treasurer – ELECTED Dana!!
ii. Publicity/Communications – ELECTED Will!!
iii. Grad Representative – ELECTED Niki & Joelle!!
1. Motion to approve Co-Grad Reps, second, all in favor
iv. Regional Directors Series (informal Boston connections)
b. Motion to close nominations, second, all in favor
c. Motion to slate by acclimation, second, all in favor
XII. Pre-Conference Planning for 2018
XIII. Conference Planning for 2018
XIV. Closing Business Meeting at 12:28pm



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DP Membership Meeting Minutes, 2016 (Chicago)

Posted By Emily Rollie, Central Washington University, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hey, DP Members!  

At our first Membership meeting in Las Vegas, we will vote to approve the meeting minutes from our 2016 Membership meetings.  Seeing as August 2016 was a long time ago, you can refresh your memory on those minutes by checking out the file attached to this post.  

Not keen on downloading a file?  We've got you covered! Just keep scrolling down in this post to see the minutes, too (although the formatting on the attached document is much prettier than the text below, FYI).



Business Meeting #1 – August 11, 2016
2016 CONFERENCE: BODIES AT WORK – Performance, Labor, & ATHE
The Palmer House – Chicago, IL

I. Welcome
a. 1:35pm Ann & Emily greet everyone
b. Former FGRep and Incoming FGRep, tag-team filling in for FGRep Lewis (directing at NY Fringe)
c. Early FG meetings impacting our planned agenda

II. Introductions
a. General introductions of everyone in attendance
b. Introduction of the officers:
i. Ann – Former RGRep
ii. Emily – Conference Planner
iii. Karen Dabney - Secretary
iv. Tommy Costello - Treasurer
v. Absent – Grad Rep Will Lewis, Communications David Ian Lee, FGRep Lewis MacGruder

III. Approval of the Agenda for 2016 Meeting #1
a. Election of Officers
i. Communications
ii. Secretary
iii. Conference Planner -> FG Rep (6 year commitment)
iv. Informal position – leader/coordinator for regional directors panel (not in by-laws).
b. Wait until Saturday follow-up meeting for elections?
i. Vote – majority agreed to hold elections today
c. Motion to approve agenda, second, all in favor

IV. Approval of the Minutes from 2015
a. Lewis sent them out prior to the conference
b. Motion to approve minute, second, all in favor

V. Elections & Nominations
a. Election of Officers
i. Communications – important, need someone devoted to social media, 2 years
ii. Secretary – minutes at business meetings, attend executive meetings, assist in FG proposals, 2 years
iii. Conference Planner -> FG Rep (4 year commitment (really 6)) – “life changer”
iv. Informal position – leader/coordinator for regional directors panel (not in by-laws). – like organizing a pre-con, connecting with 6 or 7 regional directors (double session FG committed to in the past 6 years), one year term
b. Nominations
i. Communications – 
1. TBA 
ii. Secretary
1. Karen Dabney
iii. Conference Planner
1. Kathleen McGeever
2. Tommy Costello
iv. Informal position for regional directors panel
1. David Hallahan
2. Ruth P

VI. New Business
a. 2017 Conference in Las Vegas
i. August 3-6, 2017
ii. Theme: Spectacle – balancing education, theory, and praxis (p170 in 2016 program)
b. Future Conference Locations
i. 2018 Ann elected VP to conference planning
ii. 2018 likely site Boston
1. Won’t be confirmed for a few weeks
2. Back up site Philadelphia
iii. Brainstorming theme ideas
iv. Have language for how to advocate theater arts in higher education
v. Beyond 2018, nothing fixed 
c. Adjunct labor/contingent positions 
i. Survey still being processed
ii. Change to ATHE membership designations
1. Contingent, instead of Adjunct? Terminology important
iii. Make it more of a North American conversation, not just American
d. Accessibility
e. Reminders 
i. By laws are revised and posted on ATHE Directing group page
ii. Robust membership in FG
iii. Kathleen suggests bringing a buddy to Directing FG sessions to continue growing
f. SDCC/ Directing FG Reception
i. 8:30-10pm Saturday evening, Potters 
g. Financial Report
i. We have no money, have spent no money, balance still at $0
ii. Scott Shattuck, Treasurer of ATHE
1. FG not incorporated, ATHE will handle mechanics of finances (instead of having to house the funds in a college)
h. SDCC Collaboration Update
i. Peer Reviewed section of SDCC Journal – Big Thanks to contributors
ii. Celebrating 2nd edition
iii. Forum on teaching materials by/about women directors & choreographers
iv. Welcome submissions to the journal – essays or book reviews (p35 in program)
1. Anne Fliotsos – co-editor
2. Kathleen, Tommy, Emily, Travis, David
3. Look for stickers on their name badges
v. Membership – 2 levels (p35 in program)
1. Associate – great for those in academia, journal, meetings/events
2. Full – contract protection
vi. Cocktail hour (following double session directors panel)
vii. Sunday panel – diversity & inclusion task force along with several members of academia, moderated by Irma Mayorca (underrepresentation of women and people of color in field of directing/choreography)

VII. Elections
a. Positions
i. Communications 
1. No nominations (Williams Lewis has volunteered to assist as needed.)
ii. Secretary
1. Karen Dabney - elected
iii. Conference Planner
1. Tommy Costello – removed himself from consideration
2. Kathleen McGeever - elected
iv. Regional directors coordinator
1. David Hallahan – elected with potential for co-coordinator by Ruth
2. Ruth Palileo
b. Motion to close nominations, second, all in favor
c. Motion to slate by acclimation, second, all in favor

VIII. Conference Planning for 2017
a. 2017 Pre-conference 
i. As many as 36 in attendance in 2016 Directing FG pre-conference
ii. In past years, we’d collaborated with Acting FG, each group taking the lead in organizing
iii. Offer to have the partnership again in a 3 year rotation, but working together, with the third year open for Directing only pre-conference or partnership with other FG
iv. Theme? Pre-conference fee?
1. Ideas (for pre-conference and regular conference)
a. MTD/Acting/Directing – spectacle, musical theater
b. Director as Choreographer
c. Intersection of Design & Technology
d. Joys and Problems of working with designers/technicians
e. Performer in relationship to design 
f. What is your process – world creating – designers
g. Joel Diamond has pre-college festival in Vegas – recruitment younger members
h. Helping young directors develop vision/ Imagination 
i. Mentorship program?
j. Directing in non-traditional world – corporate, themed entertainment
k. Show Budgets, Business of spectacle
l. Theater outside of Theater, beyond the stage
m. New Technology
n. Rebuilding of Vegas (tour?)
o. Power differentials in a technologically advanced industry
p. Circus and spectacle - Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys
q. What’s your role in Vegas? How does the director fit in? (ie opera is different than musical theater)
r. How are the students in UNLV training? About creation and spectacle, not about narrative
s. Bring in non-art world, the language? Bring in the commercial world
t. Ethics of spectacle – sex sells, backstage, danger
u. Ethics – recent Profiles article, placing actors in uncomfortable and traumatic situations
v. Ethics in directing (responsibility) vs. Vision 
w. Union? Self-representation? 
v. Collaboration for future pre-conferences – people seem supportive
vi. Fee for pre-conference? On-site?
1. Depends on the pre-conference (space and/or fee)
2. Precedence? Other pre-conferences do charge (varies between $10-85)
3. Tiered payment?
4. Regional directors session as pre-conference
5. Nighttime pre-conference / event?

IX. Publicizing individual panels

X. Closing Business Meeting at 3:01pm

Business Follow-Up Meeting – August 13, 2016
2016 CONFERENCE: BODIES AT WORK – Performance, Labor, & ATHE
The Palmer House – Chicago, IL

I. Welcome
a. 2:46pm started meeting
b. Sending around sign-in list 
c. Emily and Ann filling in for Lewis who is absent
d. This is a bonus meeting, Sunday’s 11:30-1 meeting is our official #2 meeting

II. Announcements
a. Order of business today (membership meeting, brainstorming)
b. Double session on Regional Directors this evening – includes director/designer relationship as part of the panel  no longer in Salon 7, now in the Chicago Room (5th floor), issues of accessibility (stairs from 4th floor, or west elevators from street level or 6th floor)
i. Several members at roundtable, when actors are working, patiently wait to enter/exit until they’re finished with the work; Come to any or all of it! 5:15-8:15pm
c. SDC cocktail hour immediately following (8:30pm)
d. History of casting Latin@ theater in Chicago (8:30pm)
e. Sunday panel, 9:45am, on diversity and inclusion in directing & choreography (SDC collaboration)
f. 8am Sunday panel with Ann, Emily, Kathleen, and David
g. #2 Business Meeting at 11:30am-1pm
h. Recognition of Dave and Joelle, our two Debut panelists!

III. Address Membership Meeting
a. President Patricia Ybarra’s speech was stimulating, if we consider it in context of our 2017 conference – our need to advocate for the value of theater arts in our curricula; advocacy for adjunct labor, continuing efforts towards diversity and inclusion, theater art as response to the digital age
b. Ann recently elected VP for Conference 2018 in Boston/Philly and wanting to find equally inspiring and meaningful conference
c. Big broad themes of interest to you
i. Scott Shattuck – Louder, Faster, Funnier (if conference every planned by a director)
ii. Advocacy for our art form – the intersection of the Arts & Humanities
iii. Element of Presence
iv. Creativity Studies / Neuroscience
v. New Revolutions / (r)evolution
vi. Full STE(A)M ahead (Arts in STEM) – speaking to our audience?
vii. Methodology / Have those people at the table – economists, etc. bring data; we should do it for advocacy, communicate with deans, funding/accreditation 
viii. Better communication between departments across campus – interdisciplinary work, on both macro- and micro-levels
ix. Different solutions for R1 vs LA schools, different pathways
x. Increased anxiety, depression, mental illness in our students and ourselves related to our reliance on screens; role of Title IX on wellness
xi. How do we relate to the administration of our schools
xii. Casting – foundational figures of directing, how are those figures being recast
1. SDC issue on women directors/choreographers

IV. More Brainstorming for 2017 pre-conference/regular conference
a. Stage combat
b. Design
c. Roundtable – “I have this problem…”

V. Closing at 3:16pm


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