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Acting Intensive Bali Indonesia

Posted By Micha Espinosa, Arizona State University Tempe, Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dear Colleagues,


I'm writing to update you on -- or to introduce you to -- an exciting summer intensive available to you and your students, Bali Taksu: The Power of Clown. You can learn more about our program here:


We are now accepting applications for the June 11-26th workshop, which includes:

o   Balinese Dance

o   Kecak Voice

o   Gamelan

o   Balinese Mask

o   Chekhov Technique

o   Clown

o   Grotowski

o   Fitzmaurice Voicework

o   Yoga

o   Internships & College Credit Avaiable


Attached is a digital postcard advertising the features of our program. Please feel free to contact me or Aole Miller ( with any questions about the program.


Thank you for your consideration and all best wishes for 2016!




Micha Espinosa



Micha Espinosa

Arizona State University

School of Film, Dance, and Theatre

Associate Professor

Barret Honors Faculty

Director of Diversity and Inclusion – Fitzmaurice Institute

Monologues for Latino/a Actors

Program Coordinator Bali Taksu


Download File (PDF)

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Acting Intensive in Bali, Indonesia

Posted By Micha Espinosa, Arizona State University Tempe, Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Now accepting Students for Acting Intensive in Bali, Indonesia


Bali Taksu -The Power of Clown

June 15-30, 2015


Every artist in Bali strives for TAKSU. The Balinese define it as the moment when the artist completely surrenders to the form of his or her craft and God appears. This energy has many names and is present in every culture. The Indians call it Rasa and American athletes call it The Zone. It is this divine performance energy that will be explored under the supervision of Master Teachers Aole T. Miller and Micha Espinosa in collaboration with the Master Teachers of Bali. All activities and housing will take place at the Bali Estate Jeeva Saba. The journey towards Taksu begins by climbing Mt. Agung, a 10,000 ft. mountain and the holiest on the island.


o  15-day acting workshop focused on activating the ultimate performance energy of the body.

o  Balinese Dance

o  Kecak Voice

o  Gamelan

o  Balinese Mask

o  Chekhov Technique

o  Clown

o  Grotowski

o  Fitzmaurice Voicework


For more information & testimonials go to:


Download File (PDF)

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2015 Call for Games That We Play

Posted By Theresa R. Dudeck Ph.D., Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sharing this with Acting Focus Group hoping some of you might be interested!  Deadline extended to Sunday, Oct. 26:

This is a call for workshop presentation submissions for the ATHE 2015 conference in Montreal, Canada. Games That We Play is a  workshop-style game exploration and discussion sponsored by the Theatre and Social Change Focus (TASC) Group. Please send a 250 word maximum description of a game or exercise you'd like to lead that includes a brief discussion of the ideological/theoretical underpinnings and practical uses of the exercises in your work. Three (3) workshop presenters will be chosen by Theresa Dudeck, Jessie Glover, and Kellyn Johnson (session coordinators).

Exercise can be easily taught and explained  to ATHE participants within 20 minutes.
Exercise has a clear connection to conference theme: “Je me souviens / I remember”

Presenters will be expected to bring one-page handouts for workshop participants detailing the game or exercise and its expected outcomes.

Please contact Theresa Dudeck (, Jessie Glover ( and Kellyn Johnson ( with your submissions no later than 11:59pm PST on 26 October 2014 (extended deadline)

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The Past as Prologue: Shifts in the Pedagogy of Performance Training

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seeking a panelist on the history of theatre education & training for ATHE (Assoc. for Theatre in Higher Ed) conference in Montreal, July 30-Aug. 2, 2015. Conference Theme: "Je me souviens."


The Past as Prologue: Shifts in the Pedagogy of Performance Training


We currently have 2 panelists and seek a third. One paper examines two prominent U.S. professional theatre training programs offering college degrees in the early 20th century, and their shifting relationships with academic theatre departments. The other paper gives context to the changing professional practices and the changing demographics of Toronto, which precipitated shifts in actor training at her university.


Any presenters interested in intersecting historical shifts and pedagogy of performance training are encouraged to contact Anne Fliotsos: Please send a brief description of your proposed presentation, along with your full name, institutional affiliation, and contact information (including phone) by Monday, Oct. 28th. I am happy to answer any queries.

Dr. Anne Fliotsos
Professor of Theatre
Purdue University

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"To Remember Exactly" A Panel on Verbatim Theatre and Exercises

Posted By John Kaufmann, Thursday, October 9, 2014


I'd like to put together a workshop/panel of people exploring verbatim texts in their acting teaching or performance.  This work fits into the theme as actors "remember" exact words spoken to create a performance. Some years ago I developed a play in Seattle called "Line One," where people off-site call actors on stage who speak verbatim what they hear through the earpieces of their cellphones.  The show is being produced this fall by Waltzing Mechanics in Chicago, and I've been revisiting the experience.  My experience with the show has greatly affected the way that I teach acting and direct all plays. 

Anybody else have experience exploring verbatim texts through interviews, transcripts, or documentary theatre?  I'd love a few others to join together in a 3-4 person tag-team workshop with activities that leaves participants with direct experience with verbatim text work, tools to apply to their creative work and an appreciation for how it can be incorporated into teaching and performance.

If interested, please contact me at

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panel on dealing with Aspergers/ADHD in the acting class

Posted By Miriam Mills, Rider University, Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Am looking for participants for a panel on dealing with Aspergers/ADHD in the acting class and if it is something that can be handled or are we in trouble when confronted with this type of student?  Please contact me at to join the panel and give me some ideas.  thanks so much.  Mir

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Acting Group Conference Proposal

Posted By Valerie C. Pye, Long Island University: LIU Post, Thursday, September 18, 2014


Re-membering the classics: 'heightened' text, body, and practice in the contemporary acting studio
I'd like to put together a practice-based panel (short demonstrations/workshop-style) that addresses the complexities involved in putting the contemporary student actor in both ‘classic’ and ‘classical’ texts.
From the Greeks to Shakespeare, from Chekhov to Williams, ‘classic’ and ‘classical’ texts are staples in academic studio practice. How do we make these texts relevant, practical and practicable in our actor training programs? Do we need to handle these texts with a remembrance unseen in more contemporary practice?
How do we help our students meet the the needs of such texts; how do we train them to bring themselves to the text, literally to re-member these texts with their contemporary bodies. How do we “member” classic texts with the contemporary body?


Care to join me?

Please send enquiries, ideas, and possibilities to:

 I'm looking forward to hearing from you and to putting together a dynamic proposal for an exciting session!


Valerie Clayman Pye, PhD

Assistant Professor 

Department of Dance and Theatre

Manhattanville College

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Call for Actors and More - 2015 Mid-America Theatre Conference

Posted By Tom Robson, Millikin University, Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Playwriting Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference

Kansas City, Missouri, March 19-22, 2015


The Playwriting Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference seeks Directors, Actors, Dramaturgs, and Scenographers who wish to participate in our Mid-America Dramatists Lab. Selected participants will collaborate to present staged readings of new ten-minute plays at the conference during the Playwriting Symposium sessions. For our 2015 meeting, the Mid-America Theatre Conferences takes on the theme of “Inspiration,” a term that draws breath into the lungs and creativity into the soul.


This is a juried event, and the call for Actors, Directors, Dramaturgs, and Scenographers is directed primarily at academic theatre artists who are faculty members or graduate students and/or professionals in the field who seek the opportunity to participate in New Play Development alongside their peers. The plays will be rehearsed and performed as staged readings at the conference. Each ten-minute play receives approximately two hours of rehearsal time at the conference, and all participants assigned to a given project will have the final script in hand prior to the start of the conference.


All theatre artists who are selected must register for the conference. There is no funding from the conference for travel or lodging costs. All artists are strongly encouraged to attend the orientation session on Thursday afternoon, March 19.


SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (Interested individuals may submit in more than one category.):


ACTORS: Please submit a headshot (jpg), resume, and a brief letter describing the types of roles you usually play and if you have any experience working with new plays or being involved in staged readings of plays. Approximately two roles are assigned to each actor.


DIRECTORS: Please submit a resume or CV detailing directing experience and a one-page (or less) letter describing your experience and approach to directing and developing new work. Please also describe the types of work you are drawn to as a director. Once assigned a play, the director may contact the playwright and dramaturg prior to the conference for any advance needs for the individual project.


DRAMATURGS: Please submit a resume or CV and a one-page (or less) letter describing your dramaturgy experience, both with new work and in other capacities. Describe the kinds of projects you might find interesting to explore at this conference.


SCENEOGRAPHERS: Please submit a resume or CV detailing scenic design experience and a one-page (or less) letter describing your approach to designing new work. Please also submit two samples of your design work in the form of sketches or renderings.


Submit by email only (MS Word File in “.doc” or “.docx” please, or as a PDF) as follows:


Actors:            Tom Robson,

Directors & Scenographers: Matt Fotis,

Dramaturgs: Carrie Winship, Graduate Student


ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 15, 2014. Acceptance will be acknowledged by early January 2015.


Please direct all questions to: Tom Robson, Co-Chair –, (217) 424-3708.


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Call for Papers for METHODs

Posted By Charles Grimes, Thursday, September 4, 2014

Call for Essays and Book Reviews: METHODs

METHODs is a new, peer-reviewed journal on actor training being published annually by Pace University Press.  The journal aims to promote and disseminate research on all matters related to the training of actors: new exercises, innovative techniques and philosophies, discussion of principal texts and methodologies, and so forth.  Submissions and inquiries will be acknowledged immediately.  Articles will be anonymously peer-reviewed. Latest MLA format required; no length requirement.  We also seek book reviewers (email Associate Editor Dr. Charles Grimes at for a list of titles for review).  Deadlines: a full draft in September and final version, ready to publish, in November.  Email Chief Editor Professor Ruis Woertendyke at or Charles Grimes at with submissions, proposals, or requests for more information.


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Scene help

Posted By Miriam Mills, Rider University, Sunday, August 31, 2014

Siobhan Bremer <>

Aug 29 (2 days ago)

to me, Jeanne, Lionel
I tried posting on the ATHE AP facebook with no success.   Help me pass on this message for a wider scope of help.
thanks, Siobhan

My niece and nephew who are 16 years old are looking for a dramatic duo scripts for speech team this year.  They are very good and have gone to state each year since 8th grade.  All the material used so far has been VERY physical. She has great depth and emotional ability and he is intense, hyper, energetic and has less emotional depth.

They are brother and sister and although very mature for age, they look young because they are both quite thin.  They need an 8 min scene so I am looking for any suggestions on plays that may have scenes they could read for possibly use this year.

I think they prefer dramatic material but would be open to comedy as well. My nephew likes more artistic stuff but they need to be able to handle it as well.

Any ideas?

Tags:  by Laurie Brooks? Has good physical scenes.s  Do you know The Wrestling Season  Hello 

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