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Professional Development Committee
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The primary purpose of ATHE’s Professional Development Committee is to offer effective resources and training for all ATHE members through our conference programming, mentorship models, committee work and position papers. The PDC fosters mentorship and leadership training across the ranks and across specializations in theatre departments and programs. We are committed to educating the membership about the current challenges faced by our profession and to training graduate students, adjuncts, part-time, tenure-track, and tenured faculty, and unemployed members in how to develop and maintain their professional skills. We advocate fair compensation and benefits and recognition of the importance of theatre faculty members. We acknowledge and foster the continuing role of retired colleagues in ATHE and the profession. The Vice President for Professional Development, Amy E. Hughes, chairs the Professional Development Committee.

The Professional Development Committee is organized into subcommittees and programs:

  • Assessment Subcommittee
  • ATHE Leadership Institute®
  • Chairs and Dean’s Subcommittee
  • Graduate Student Subcommittee
  • Pedagogy Subcommittee
  • Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee

In addition to planning and promoting excellent conference programming, the committee communicates throughout the year to raise the profile and stress the importance of good mentorship, pedagogy, and leadership. There has never been a more important time for Professional Development. The changes and shifts in our discipline and our institutions mean that theatre academics must be prepared to understand and adjust to those new realities. ATHE’s Professional Development Committee is here to serve all its members. We invite all ATHE members to take advantage of what we offer and to communicate your needs and interests to us.

Professional Development Committee Members

Barbara Parisi, Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus
Shelby Brewster, University of Pittsburgh
Jane Duncan, Nova Southeastern University
Mario LaMothe, University of Illinois–Chicago
Esther Kim Lee, University of Maryland
Travis Malone, Virginia Wesleyan College
Katy McGlaughlin, University of Iowa
Noe Montez, Tufts University
Laura Nicholas, Baylor University
Barbara Parisi, Long Island University
James Peck, Muhlenberg College
Jake Pinholster, Arizona State University
Becky Prophet, Alfred University
Tom Robson, Millikin University
Rashida Z. Shaw, Wesleyan University
Kristin Sosnowsky, Louisiana State University
Juliet Wunsch, West Chester University

Assessment Subcommittee

This subcommittee focuses on assessment, a timely and important challenge in our field and a current concern for many of our colleagues.

Subcommittee Members

Jane Duncan, Nova Southeastern University
Bradley Griffin, Pepperdine University, co-chair
Virginia Anderson, Connecticut College
Monica Stufft, University of San Diego
Travis Malone, Virginia Wesleyan College
Sam O'Connell, Worcester State University
Shannon Walsh, Louisiana State University

Chairs and Deans Subcommittee

As part of the PDC’s goal to enhance the leadership skills of its members, both within ATHE and their home institutions, this subcommittee sponsors the Chairs and Deans Luncheon at the annual ATHE conference. The subcommittee also generates programming to address the issues facing chairs, deans and directors of theatre programs, familiarizing them with current scholarship on leadership and providing networking opportunities.

Subcommittee Members

James Peck, Muhlenberg College, Chair
Raimondo Genna, University of South Dakota
Kathleen McGeever, University of Northern Arizona
Heather Nathans, Tufts University

Graduate Student Subcommittee

The GSSC provides programs at the ATHE conference to foster communication and collaboration among graduate students in theatre. These programs include the Conference Orientation, the Graduate Student Networking Session, and an informal Graduate Get-Together. The subcommittee also sponsors the GSSC e-mail list as a means for theatre graduate students to communicate and network.

Subcommittee Members

Laura Nicholas, Baylor University, co-chair (Conference Planner)
Katy McGlaughlin, University of Iowa, co-chair (Membership Officer)
Shelby Brewster, University of Pittsburgh, co-chair (Liaison Officer)

Pedagogy Subcommittee

The goal of the Pedagogy Subcommittee is to provide opportunities for ATHE members to continue developing their pedagogical skills, and to support the development of scholarship in the field of theatre pedagogy. The Subcommittee presents workshops and panels at the annual conference.

Subcommittee Members

Tom Robson, Millikin University, Chair
Jane Barnette, University of Kansas
Bethany Holmstrom, LaGuardia Community College
David Jortner, Baylor University
Jesse Portillo, University of Utah
Monica Stufft, University of San Diego
Jennifer Worth, Barnard College

Promotion and Tenure Subcommittee

This subcommittee began as a task force to generate the new ATHE Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion. The members of the committee will continue to update the document and expand the online services available in the Tenure and Promotion Center.

Subcommittee Members

Barbara Parisi, Long Island University, co-chair
Juliet Wunsch, West Chester University, co-chair
William J. Doan, The Pennsylvania State University
Lisa Hall Hagan, Utah Valley University
Amy E. Hughes, Brooklyn College (CUNY)
Becky Prophet, Alfred University
Christine Young, University of San Francisco


Since August 2000, the Institute has presented the annual Leadership Development Program pre-conference workshop just prior to the annual ATHE Conference. Designed for faculty who wish to find out more about leadership and administrative roles in higher education, this workshop acquaints many with a variety of challenges and opportunities facing faculty and administrators and equips participants with some tools to deal with those. One of the key features is that participants are assigned mentors—experienced university leaders and administrators—who attend the pre-conference workshops with the participants. The workshop is invaluable for members who wish to explore the possibilities of a future leadership role in higher education.

Leadership Institute® Contacts

Jake Pinholster, Arizona State University
Kristin Sosnowsky, Louisiana State University

Leadership Handbook Editorial Board

Travis Malone, Virginia Wesleyan College
Joan Herrington, Western Michigan University
Harvey Young, Northwestern University

ATHE Leadership Institute® Planning Committee

Mark Heckler, Valparaiso University
Bobbi Korner, Penn State University
Jake Pinholster, Arizona State University
Kristin Sosnowsky, Louisiana State University
Donna Aronson, Saint Mary’s University
Dan Carter, Penn State University
Michelle Hayford, University of Dayton
Michael Hood, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Huberman, Bradley University
Susan Kattwinkel, College of Charleston
Geri Maschio, University of Kentucky
Valerie Morris, College of Charleston
Steve Peters, Montevallo University
Randy Reinholz, San Diego State University
Michael Tick, University of Kentucky
Karen Ward, Hampton University

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