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Focus Groups - Women and Theatre Program - Jane Chambers Award - Past Winners
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Past Winners from 1984, Work-in-Progress

Gathered by Maya Roth from WTP and ATHE Archives and Indep. Research


 Year                                                        Playwright                                         Play



2012                                             Jen Silverman                                         STILL


2011                                            Natalie Marlena Goodnow                  MUD OFFERINGS (solo)


2010                                             Martha Kaufman                                    A LIVE DRESS


2009                                               Meryl Cohn                                 THE SIEGELS OF MONTAUK


2008                                               Mary F. Casey                                 UNSPEAKABLE ACTS


2007                                              Christine Evans                                TROJAN BARBIE:

A Car Crash Encounter with Euripides’ Trojan Women


2006                                  J. CHAMBERS Celebration Year             LAST SUMMER AT BLUEFISH COVE*

2005                                                Nicola Pearson                               CARRIED BY THE CURRENT


2004                                                Madeline George                               THE ZERO HOUSE


2003                                                Melody Cooper                                DAY OF RECKONING


2002                                                Deborah Brevort                                SIGNS OF LIFE


2001                                                Bernadette Flagler                                      RISE


2000                                                 Terry Lawrence                                 ROSSENSTRASSE


1999                                                 Mindi Dickstein                            THE ESSENTIAL GOURMET


1998                                                 Elizabeth Wong                                     CHINA DOLL


1997                                                 Brighde Mullins                              TOPOGRAPHICAL EDEN


1996                                                 Kathleen Cahill                                 THE FIFTH SEASON

                                                            (books & lyrics);                        (re-titled: DAKOTA SKY)

                                             Deborah Wicks LaPuma (music)


1995                                               Rosemarie Caruso                         SHAMANISM IN NEW JERSEY


1994                                                 Lisa Loomer                                       THE WAITING ROOM


1993                                                 Christine de Lancie                                                F-64


1992                                                 Sherry Kramer                            DAVID’S RED-HAIRED DEATH


1991                                                 Wendy Kesselman                     THE BUTCHER’S DAUGHTER

                                                                                                   (aka The Executioner’s Daughter)


1990                                                 Jenna Zark                                       BURNT HOUSE


1989                                                 Arlene Fanale                                    “…AFTER APRIL”


1988                                                 Gloria Parkinson                                CONVERSATIONS


1987                                                 Micki Goldthorpe                       CONVERSATIONS OF MY MOTHER


1986                                                 Patricia Montley                            ROSVITHA’S REVIEW

                                             (Music by Elizabeth Cameron)


1985                                                 Charlotte Anker                             THIRD CHILD


                                                            Irene Rosenberg


1984                                                 Karen Boettcher                         GRANDMA SHOT THE CAT



·        In 2006, 25 years after the Contest was announced, WTP celebrated the Jane Chambers Award by honoring the legacy of Jane Chambers directly with a full production of one of Chambers’ best-known plays, Last Summer at Bluefish Cove —presented by Chicago’s About Face Theatre at the ATHE Conference. All entries submitted during that year were considered in the following year’s pool, when the Contest resumed with renewed focus.

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