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From the President, Patricia Ybarra

When sitting down to write this speech I started where I often do with my students when thinking through a concept that we think is familiar, but is not. In this case, the word whose definition is in question is “adjunct.” According to the Webster’s dictionary, adjunct “is something joined or added to another thing, but not essentially a part of it,” or “a word or word group that qualified or completes the meaning of another word and or words and is not itself the main structural element in its sentence,” or it is an adverb or adverbial phrase (as heartily in “They ate heartily” or at noon in “We left at noon” attached to the verb of a clause especially to express a relation of time, place, frequency, degree or manner.” The third definition comes final to issues in our profession, which defines the term as “ an associate or assistant of another or an adjunct faculty member at a college or university ” We are then directed to the second definition if we are interested in adjunct professor-- that definition is: “added or joined in order to be used with something; added to a teaching staff for only a short time or in a lower position than other staff or “added or joined as an accompanying object or circumstance.” The second definition elaborates on this, suggesting that an adjunct is “ attached in a subordinate or temporary capacity to a staff .” I will also offer some synonyms as food for thought: “helper, adjutant, aid, aide, apprentice, assistant, coadjutor, deputy, helpmate, helpmeet, lieutenant, mate, sidekick”

Read the full presidential address here

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