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A post-election message from ATHE

Dear ATHE members,

We write to you at a difficult time in our nation, at the end of a divisive election cycle that has included deeply troubling and often violent discourse in regard to race, national origin/immigration status, gender, class, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Moreover, in the short aftermath of this election, many of our campuses have suffered incidents of hate speech, vandalism, and physical assault. Some of these incidents have seemingly been motivated by bias related to the gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, racial identity and/or the national origin of its victims. We, as the Governing Council of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, are aggrieved that our faculty, staff, students and greater communities have suffered from this violence; together we stand against these incidents and the rhetoric which motivates them, both of which disregard ATHE's values.

As educators, we write to assure our members that we remain an organization dedicated to diversity, inclusion and respect for all members. We are all committed to the retention of these values within all aspects of our association: our conferences, our communications, and our programming. We are dedicated to meeting new challenges in the coming days and years with open dialogue, generosity of spirit, and advocacy. As we plan our programming in the coming years, including the 2017 conference in Las Vegas, we will consider how to respond thoughtfully and incisively to the conditions in which we live and the conditions we want to imagine for ourselves in the present and future.

- The ATHE Governing Council


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